Dr Who Meets Dr Who Again For The 1st Time

Mike Gold

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6 Responses

  1. Elayne Riggs says:

    Oh excellent, Davison was always my favorite Doctor before the series was revived.

  2. Buslady says:

    This will be way cool, Peter looks good again in his costume. It's gonna be a kick to see 5 & 10 together….Someday I hope CE would reprise his role as #9 someday but he isn't into playing previous roles I heard. It'd be neat tho….

  3. Lee Houston, Junior says:

    Any chance the Doctors footage will ever make it to this side of the pond/Atlantic Ocean?I always thought a multiple Doctors special would be great for next year's Christmas movie, considering 2008 is the series 45th anniversary!

    • Bob Sanders says:

      Season 1 & 2 had the Children In Need special filming as part of the Special Features. I hope this will make it in Season 4 release since season 3 is set to be released in Nov.

  4. Anonymous says:

    20 years or 20 lbs.?

  5. John Sinclair says:

    I wondered why Peter Davidson was up at BBC Upper Boat recently…
    I had thought… but then Russell T had always maintained he would never do a multi-Dr story…

    Can’t wait!

    Look out for the curly-haired journo in episode 1 of season 4….