Comics Great Marie Severin Suffers Stroke

Mike Gold

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6 Responses

  1. Mark Behar says:

    What a shame… I just finished reading the B. Krigstein Comics anthology, which she helped to color.

  2. MARK WHEATLEY says:

    Marie is an exceptional artist and a wonderful person. She was very kind to me while I badgered her to work on a project only weeks after she had announced her retirement! Well, I guess I didn’t really badger her – I just said nice things to her in an effort to win her over. But she deserved her time off. If only for the wonderful humor work she did. My favorite work of hers would be several of the stories for NOT BRAND ECCH! Who could forget "BLUNDER AGENTS!" or ‘SPIDEY-MAN VS. GNATMAN AND ROTTEN!" or "THE ORIGIN OF STUPORMAN!" – I still laugh at her drawings and timing for the gags. I wish her only the best.

  3. Rick Taylor says:

    Marie was the first person in comics to ever give me encouragement. A real sweetheart and very talented person. My prayers are with you and your family.

  4. Larry Shell says:

    Its been too many years since I've spoken to Marie but I first met her when she was working in the Marvel Comics Bullpen as Head Colorist. Most professionals I've met are nice people but Marie is one of the nicest I've ever had the pleasure to know. I hope she recovers quickly!

  5. Mike Gold says:

    Absolutely one of the finest — and most fun — people I've ever met. And I agree with Mark: her satirical stuff ranks among Elder, Davis, Wood and the rest of the very best.

  6. kate collins says:

    I knew Marie in school and call her often. She is still gratious, still funny and and we are able to enter into the moment as though it were only yesterday and not sixty years since we were girls .