MICHAEL DAVIS: Reading is Fundamental

Michael Davis

Master Of The Universe, Lord Of All Media, Most Interesting Black Man In the World, Sexiest Man on Earth, Mentor, Writer, Artist, Producer & Uppity.

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7 Responses

  1. Mike Gold says:

    It just so happens my wife Linda and I saw this broadcast, and we'll stand behind Michael's comments. For a moment, we thought we were watching Fox "News." What CNN will do to compete these days!My favorite part: when the host sarcastically derided BET honcho Reginald Hudlin and BET vice-president of animation Denys Cowan (the host called him "Cowans") for not being available for an interview. On a Saturday evening. During Labor Day weekend. That's the oldest tabloid stunt in the books. I first heard about it in my journalism ethics class. It wasn't represented as an honorable thing.This is what CNN has come to. No wonder they've spent the past seven years white-washing George Bush.Yes, Hudlin is the guy who writes Marvel's Black Panther. Cowan is the guy who drew DC's The Question back when I was the editor and is currently drawing a Batman story arc, and is a respected friend. I state this in the interest of full disclosure, another concept that CNN doesn't seem to grasp.

  2. Tony Isabella says:

    Bravo, Michael.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The piece was overwhelmingly biased. The real problem I had with the parental focus group was they criticized BET for placing Read a Book during 106 and Park, a Show they claim is suitable for their children. The video that followed the short was A Bay Bay by Hurricane Chris. You tell me what's a better message, Read a Book, Buy Some Land, Brush your teeth, Raise your Kids, Wear Deodarant, Drink Water or this……Oh You Got A Problem Well I Hope YouTryin Me. Throw Them ….Park Then I Reach Under My SeatHop Out With My Hand Under My ShirtDats Where Dey Hirin MeYellow Bone Chirpin' MeShe Trying To See Where Imma Be.You Gonna Let Me Get Up InYour Mouth Well Dats Where Imma BeI Don't Pop Trunk Wit Lights DatsWhere Dey Choppa Be. Straight To The HotelAnd this is was it suitable for their kids??? As usual Michael is correct, but I wonder much flack Michael gets from other black people from his often "Take Responsibility Stance"?

    • Anonymous says:

      A lot.

      • Anonymous says:

        A lot of what people don't seem to get with satire is the fear that some people will assume what they see is real. I agree with Micheal that those people are lost causes and should be regarded as such.

  4. Alan Coil says:

    That damn Liberal press..For over 20 years, I have been saying that the "cure" for crime and violence is education. If you aren't reading, you aren't getting an education.