TV REVIEW: Flash Gordon

Mike Gold

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6 Responses

  1. John Ostrander says:

    You lasted one episode more than I did. For my money, that's two for two against Sci/Fi for adaptations/new series. I think we differ but i really disliked The Dresden Files. (Battlestar Gallactica, OTOH, is well worth watching.) I DO like EUREKA but that's an original series.

  2. Vinnie Bartilucci says:

    The key seems to be, if the series or movie is produced by Sci-Fi, it's is almost always unrepentant crap. If the series is produced separately and BROUGHT to Sci-Fi, it stands a chance of quality.Personally, I preferred the channel when it showed actual classic Sci-Fi shows. I think once it started showing _Crossing Over with John Edward_ (tho the irony of the show being on a channel dedicated to science-fiction is not lost on me) it was the first sign they'd lost their way. Cartoon Network is another channel than needs to go outside their offices and READ THE NAME ON THE DOOR.

  3. Rick Taylor says:

    I'm with Johnny O. Didn't make it through the pilot. Stinky!

  4. Arthur Lortie says:

    I'm still taking the "wait and see" attitude. I subscribe to the Bill Belichek theory on Randy Moss: "give him a chance!"The good news: Flash debuted to what they describe as excellant ratings, which should make KFS take notice that there is still some value in the franchise. Hopefully they'll use this knowledge to force SciFi Channel to pump some money into this series, which I believe can still be salvaged.More good news: looking at the cast listings, Barin will soon show up as strong silent type. The actor was an asset to the last two series he was on, so he can only help here.Bad news: there are 8 episodes already filmed, with 11 scripts finished. So a positive change is at least 2 months away. If episodes #12-15 of the ordered 22 for the season are just as poor, then it will be gone, KFS should sue, and plans for a quality, serious big budget film should begin to undo the damage.I like the actors, I hate the scripts. The rift vs maurauding planet was a necessary change, but I agree Ming needs to be more EVIL, instead of evil.There are flying craft, by the way, with unspecified capability. So we may get into space yet.

  5. Scott says:

    Yep. No redeeming qualities. The show utterly blows.

  6. Kay says:

    The show is a total joke. Ming is played by the same actor that plays the dad on teen show Life with Derek. I've tried to watch it, but like Painkiller Jane, I can't sit through more than a few minutes. Thank God Stargate Atlantis starts again soon!