RIC MEYERS: Vacancy of Honor

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  1. Vinnie Bartilucci says:

    Gee in our house, we referto Prozacritics by the more common apellation "Quote-whores".I still fondly remember Walter "Dateline the Copa" Monheit, "The movie marketer's friend" from Spy magazine. It was just glowing sound bites for the most excerable of movies. When they actually USED one of Walter's quotes in an ad for Cadillac Man, we knew the downfall of western civilization was coming.They seem to be taking a page from Ichi the Killer in the new Dark Knight movie, based on hos I hear Joker found his smile.We have a problem liking anything starring Luke Wilson, with the exception of Alex and Emma, more for its look at the writing process. Cuter brother Owen has a look of constant confidence on his face, while Luke's is that of petulant desperation.