Scream, Harry Potter, Scream!

Andrew Wheeler

Andrew Wheeler spent 16 years as a book club editor, most notably for the Science Fiction Book Club, and has been a judge for the 2005 World Fantasy Awards and the 2009 Eisner Awards. He is now Marketing Manager for John Wiley & Sons.

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2 Responses

  1. Robin Riggs says:

    "The Independent covers Asda’s apology to Bloomsbury"Asda (owned by Walmart) didn't just apologize in order to get their order filled they had to pay their delinquent account too. The nation of shopkeepers knows all about economics which is why a good many of the smaller bookshops will be buying copies from Tesco and Asda who are selling the books at well below cost.

  2. Vinnie Bartilucci says:

    Loss Leader.Discussion over.Any store who can't figure out how to get customers to buy more than just the one book when they're sitting around for five hours tomorrow deserves to not make money.As for what comes next, if Jo Rowling has any brains at all, she'll never write again. Anything she does next will suffer against the juggernaut that is Harry. MAYBE expanded editions of the first three books, a la The Stand.