DENNIS O’NEIL: A Superman For Our Time

Dennis O'Neil

Dennis O'Neil was born in 1939, the same year that Batman first appeared in Detective Comics. It was thus perhaps fated that he would be so closely associated with the character, writing and editing the Dark Knight for more than 30 years. He's been an editor at Marvel and DC Comics. In addition to Batman, he's worked on Spider-Man, Daredevil, Iron Man, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern/Green Arrow, the Question, The Shadow and more. O'Neil has won every major award in the industry. His prose novels have been New York Times bestsellers. Denny lives in Rockland County with his wife, Marifran.

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6 Responses

  1. Elayne Riggs says:

    Yes, but the real question is, WHICH of Al and Tipper Gore's daughters will they decide to put into that spaceship?

  2. Greg Cox says:

    The sad thing is, someone made this same analogy over at the official DC Comics boards–and was almost immediately shouted down by posters pushing the Bush party line, that "global warming" was a myth, a natural phenomenon, an unproven theory, etc. Poor Jor-El would not have stood a chance.

  3. Valerie D'Orazi says:

    I think the reason the "Krypton" scenario still resonates today is because it describes an archetypal situation that has dogged humanity since the dawn of time. Basically: "if it's not bothering me now, then I would prefer not to think or do anything about it." I am on the fence as to whether this is an attitude that can be fostered out of society by education and public-awareness, or if the majority of us are simply wired that way. But even if this is a part of human nature, I think we probably have more people willing to be enlightened & proactive than ever before in human history. I mean, who (besides family) backed up Jor-EL (or Noah)?

    • Mike Gold says:

      Maybe there are more people willing to be enlightened and proactive these days. If so, I think that's because we're on our first full generation of people who were raised with the knowledge that you can, indeed, fight City Hall, and if there's enough of you willing to stand up, you just might win. As for Krypton, I think I'd be just as concerned about a planet ruled by a Science Council as I am by the bureautocracy we've got running things now.

  4. Linda says:

    I agree. A more politically correct Hero that actually stood for what is right, not what the media feeds us, would be a dream come true. Many people are coming realize that what we see on TV and hear on the radio isn’t really free speech, more like feed up B.S. that really does not affect our lives. I care more about Ron Paul’s debates as opposed to Paris Hilton’s jail scentece. However, it does appeal to me when celebs are made fun of, haha.There is another new deck of trading cards that are out called Hollywood Zombies that are made by the same folks that did the Garbage Pail Kids! You will be interested in them because they are hilarious and the art is amazing. They take A-list celebs, and even some B-listers, and draw them out to be the living dead. For a good laugh check out I just wanted to share this with you guys because I work with them!

  5. Danny says:

    Jor-El should have read "Our Iceberg is Melting" by John Kotter.