Todd Goldman sending cease-and-desist letters

Glenn Hauman

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6 Responses

  1. Tony Isabella says:

    The PW powers that be are cowards. It took me five times before I could come up with a polite way to describe them.

  2. Christopher Moonligh says:

    Wow. PW wouldn't back Heidi up on that? That's sad. So much for freedom of speach on that one.

  3. Tony Isabella says:

    It has been suggested – and not without some merit – that I was too hard on PW for not standing up to Goldman's silencing tactic. I've been involved in enough legal actions myself to know how draining they can be. I've never lost one, but I can't say I've won them either. "Break even" has been the usual result. No one but an idiot goes into a legal action without careful consideration. Indeed, it's the main reason I've resisted suing DC over Black Lightning. I have to weigh the expense of such a suit against the expense of sending my kids to college, the expense of necessary repairs and renovations to my home, and paying past medical bills. So maybe I shouldn't have been quite to quick to insult PW for caving in to a guy that clearly has the financial resources to pursue meritless, nuisance lawsuits. What bothers me most about this, Christopher, is that The Beat has been a fine source of comics and comics industry news. There was nothing inappropriate about its coverage of this matter. Yet it has been silenced."Sad" is just where it starts.Tony Isabella

  4. Alan Coil says:

    From my viewpoint, this is a clear case of improper use of other people's work.Publisher's Weekly should have ignored the cease-and-desist letter. That they didn't speaks a lot to me, and probably speaks a lot to many other people, too.

  5. Glenn Hauman says:

    Luckily, the Internet as a whole has no such fear, and will spend as much time as needed making Goldman look like a putz. And if we're talking lawsuits, expect a lot of counter suits.In fact, isn't there a time-honored tradition in comics of going after millionaire artists named Todd who've decided to violate copyrights of other comics creators?

  6. John McCarthy says:

    You boys warm the cold cockles of my heart. I'm clinging to the thought that the great wheel goes around and people have a way of getting what they deserve. I do believe that what you send out comes back to you three-fold. (And on the Internet it can happen in a matter of hours. Cross your fingers.)