Who’s a Trekkie?

Glenn Hauman

Glenn is VP of Production at ComicMix. He has written Star Trek and X-Men stories and worked for DC Comics, Simon & Schuster, Random House, arrogant/MGMS and Apple Comics. He's also what happens when a Young Turk of publishing gets old.

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9 Responses

  1. MARK WHEATLEY says:

    Trevor – this is not only the best work of your life – but it is absolutely wonderful story-telling. I have not seen this much life in a comic book since Kurtzman or Eisner. And Workman and Freeman are perfectly blending into this developing masterpiece.

  2. Dave says:

    I agree that this is a powerful story which is compelling to read and beauitiful to look at.Having said that, he must have loved his mother beyond measure to take her beatings and rise above them to become the fighter he was. I'm sure I would have shrivelled up and let her kill me – or killed myself. Between her and the bullies, it speaks volumes of his strenth of will to overcome.The final sequence was well done, but I would have loved to see the school bullies get theirs as the story transitioned to the boxing scene.

    • Russ Rogers says:

      This is a masterwork. The art is evocative and amazing. And you can see the parallels between Johnson getting beat up by gangs of kids and then him standing victorious over the nine men he beat in a blind man's bluff battle royale. Talk about an EVIL sport! Yuck. The drawing of it made me queasy a hundred years later. That's good art.I was struck by how much the image of Mama's haunting gaze (on page #14) reminded me of the spectral gaze of Angie Thriller. But "Thriller" is the Trevor Von Eeden work that I'm most familiar with.I'm sure that Johnson loved his mother beyond measure. Her beatings of him may have made him love her more. That's call cognitive dissonance. "I must REALLY love this person if I'm taking this kind of abuse from them." It's what fraternity hazings are built around. It's the reason boot camp is designed to break you before it builds you back up. But that kind of abuse also instills a deep seated resentment and anger. And violence against children creates violent adults.I wonder if we will see the same kind of parallels between the gangs who beat Johnson as a child and the times that Johnson got to metaphorically STRIKE back in the ring and the beatings by his mother. Will Trevor Von Eeden portray Johnson's abuse of the women in his life (including physical abuse) as a metaphoric retaliation against the beatings and abuse by his mother?

      • Vinnie Bartilucci says:

        "Will Trevor Von Eeden portray Johnson's abuse as a metaphoric retaliation against the beatings and abuse by his mother?"Obviously Trevor hasn't sent you the preview pages where he makes one fighter wear a blue ruffle-trimmed apron and tie his hair back in a bun…

  3. Mark Behar says:

    This is the best I've seen from ComicMix so far. Keep up the great work, Trevor!

  4. russ carreiro says:

    Really cool comic so far. The best since Grimjack hit the site a while back. Really nice artwork and a great subject for a comic. Top notch work all around. The viewer is getting better too.

  5. Mark says:

    I came across this masterpiece purely by accident. Wow, I haven't seen anything so mesmerizing in a while. I love boxing (in the movies particularly). Each frame of art felt animated. I could see the images moving and feel and hear those punches. Out of curiosity, has this been optioned for a film yet? There is major potential to make this a feature. Possibly even tell this true tale in a edgy and stylish form, if one has a specific vision. Very nicely done! I will be keeping an eye on it.