Marc Andreyko speaks to ComicMix Podcast!

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6 Responses

  1. Russ Rogers says:

    I'm having fun with Fankie and Vampi. I LOVE crossovers. It's one reason why I LOVE Munden's Bar so much; that place is crossover central!Comics is the medium that has employed the crossover to the fullest. The crossover inspires the imagination of the reader. You get to thinking, "What other characters could interact with Frankenstein Mobster? Maybe a character I create could visit Monstros City? What if I were in this story!" The crossover breaks down barriers between creators, creations and audience. The crossover is an example of the truism, there are no set rules, boundries or limits to the imagination! Frankie and Vampi still reads like a daily, one worthy of TOONCASTING! It's a technology that Brian Alvey and the ComicMix Elves should adapt up for ComicMix. Does Insight own their Tooncasting tech? Is it patented or copyrighted? Maybe ComicMix could license the TOONCASTING tech from Insight? It would be way to spread the love and drive traffic back here. I would embed ComicMix TOONS on my site! Maybe that would require extra bandwidth for ComicMix. The Tooncasting might need a dedicated sponsor. I really don't understand the economics or technical aspects that drive and guide the Internet. But, ah well, a fella can dream! In a very real way, being able to embed Internet content on other sites is a practical example of the synergy and power created by the CROSSOVER!

  2. Tom Fitzpatrick says:

    This series looks to be a fun read.Problem is, when loading one page at a time, cuts right into the dialogue which is meant to be read across two pages not from up-down one page.Can this be fixed for this format?

    • Russ Rogers says:

      Tom, I put some directions on driving the ComicMix Navigation Panel in the comments. But I forgot to make them a reply to you. SO, I put this in, just so you would get a notice that someone had replied. Good luck, Russ.

    • MARK WHEATLEY says:

      Hey Tom,Russ does a great job of explaining the ComicMix Reader options. I'm sorry of the double page format is a problem for you – but these are daily strips that are being re-presented in this format. We have a run of daily format strips coming up over in HAMMER OF THE GODS: BACK FROM THE DEAD too – just a warning that the same ugly problem will be on display. Still – I think the double page format is a good solution.

  3. Russ Rogers says:

    Tom,1) Open up the comic. I would suggest right clicking and choosing "Open in new Tab", so you can still read these directions.2) In the upper right had corner is the word "ComicMix" with a PLUS SIGN (+). Click on the PLUS SIGN (+). This opens up the ComicMix Reader Control and Navigation Panel.3) Near the top left of the panel, click on the 2-Page Icon. There is a singe page and a double page, you want to click the double page.4) Adjust the size of the page so it's easy to read. There are PLUS and MINUS signs for this. There is a third button that chooses an "optimum size" for you monitor. But this might not be the "optimum size" for your eyes.5) Close the Control/Navigation Panel by clicking the MINUS SIGN (-) in the upper right corner by the word, "ComicMix." Don't worry, your preferences are saved for the next time you view comics on ComicMix. This may be the last time you have to open the Control/Navigation Panel.You will find that all the pages are thumb-nailed. It's easer to find a specific page, if you are just flipping through a story looking for a certain scene.Hope this helps. -Russ

  4. Tom Fitzpatrick says: