Short attention-span Heroes

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  1. Russ Rogers says:

    There is a LOT of story in just these few pages. Maya has taken a name for herself. She seems to talk to the snake and it seems to listen. Maya either has some kind of psychic bond or a very well trained pet snake. I can't tell if we've moved beyond the flashback point at the start of the story or not, way back in Issue #1 page 1. For a while there, Ta Moa was telling his backstory and we had nested flashbacks. A flashback within a flashback.Now Ta Moa is doing what I thought a Super-Ninja should have done 15 years before, sneak back into the Monastery and take out Gur Khan. Maybe Ta Moa was waiting until Maya was old enough to take care of herself. Seeing Maya kill three men with her bare hands seems to have shown Ta Moa that she can take care of herself.I wish there had been room for Jade and Maya to say Goodbye to each other. We still don't know who Maya's father is. I still insist that it can't be Fu. Maya doesn't look at all Asian, not even enough for Jade to be her mother. Oh well, I'll have to wait and see.Speaking of waiting to see, this episode ends with a big cliff hanger! But Ta Moa should say, "I can't believe my EYE!" Just kidding.I hate Maya's battle tunic. The design seems too low cut to be practical. Jade would never let her daughter run about in such a scandalous fashion. I'm not sure Ta Moa would either. OK, let's just accept that the costume is going to be impractical and overly sexy. In that case, the oatmeal color is too bland, too blah. The costume needs more pop, more visual impact and appeal. More WHITE. More Black. More Red. And even more sexy. More something. My feeling is that this costume goes too far in one direction and takes Maya from being a natural character and more into a fantasy/super-hero type character. But hey, she has a trained snake and her adoptive father is a Super-Ninja. Why not! But IF she's a fantasy character, this costume just isn't fantastic enough. Maybe the costume will evolve even more. I'll give it time.This is the best White Viper episode in weeks. Nice plot and character development. I especially like the scene in the village with Cho. Well done. I'm looking forward to next week.