Zippy on Jay Kennedy

Mike Gold

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9 Responses

  1. Elayne Riggs says:

    That must be where I first "met" Jay Kennedy — I used to know Bill Griffith et al. back in the days when I self-published INSIDE JOKE…

  2. Russ Rogers says:

    Good stuff. Bob plays a pivotal role. I was looking for him to show up.GrimJack was doing all he could to avoid killing BlacJac, but BlacJac doesn't hesitate to blast into his own men. BlacJac is miffed at GJ, but he doesn't look for alternatives.Mannachs face is unbandaged one minute and bandaged the next. Maybe this is part of her transformation from "sex kitten" into "feral monster." Maybe how Mannachs looks and what she wears is just a reflection of her mood at any given moment. I wonder what kind of mood makes Mannix look like THIS!

  3. russ carreiro says:

    I am loving this comic, but the way it reads with the wait between segments and everything is rough. I think for this to work better the comics need to be completely done and released in bigger segments. Granted I am a comic fan who is feeling this way because I miss the 20 something odd pages we get in an issue but you really get a disconnect between the whole story the way this is done. Id like to see 20-30 page increments done with a couple of weeks between issues at most. I really want to see this come out in fallen tree form so I can sit down and read it all. The Manx Cat and Killer Instinct have both been really good.

    • John Ostrander says:

      RussThanks for the good words and I understand the impatience. Unfortunately, I don't think it's economically feasible to wait for a project to be done before it gets put up. Us creator types need to be paid as we go. This story is going to top out at 150 pages. Asking Comicmix to sit on that amount of outlay isn't reasonable, IMO. Even when I'm doing a miniseries for DC or Marvel, the first issue is out before I've finished my work.You COULD wait until a certain time each month and then come back and (hopefully) come in and read a chunk of story. I've done that with some of the other stories being done here. OTOH, it's hard not peek, I know.At some point, we'll have word on "fallen tree form" (FTF?) for this story. We'll lpass it on when we do.– John

      • Russ Rogers says:

        I do think that ComicMix should change the "ZAP Phrase" on completed stories on ComicMix from the "Read this Online!" to something like, "Now a Completed Story Arc!" And change the blasts color from Yellow to Red. Give some visual indication to those people who are waiting for the story to FINALIZE before they start reading that, yes, NOW is the time to read. I've heard of many people who buy monthly comics but stockpile them until story arcs are completed before reading them all in one big novel.And of course, any ComicMix story that is complete and available in Forever Tangible Form (FTF), there should be an added BLAST in the opposite corner, "Available in a Bound Edition!", that takes people directly to the ComicMix store or listing.

      • russ carreiro says:

        I can see how you cant finish the whole book. That makes perfect sense, didnt think about the monetary side of it and I know I couldnt do months of work with no pay. That being said, the installments would work better to me if they came more in line with a regular comic. Instead of weekly, short installments you could do them in monthly installments. The installments that push 10 pages work, but the ones that are only a few pages do not work so well.

    • Matt Mako says:

      Russ – So wait for four or five installments, if you can.I have tried and I never get past two.But with will power you can do it.M. Mako

  4. Alan Coil says:

    Last page (144), next to last panel—isn't that just the cutest drawing of Bob hugging GJ? Awwww.

    • Russ Rogers says:

      It stands in sharp contrast to the literally heartrending hug Mannachs gave Bob on page 141! Yikes!