Potter breaks another record

Mike Gold

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23 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I've always loved the Robin Hood story. It's great to see Tinnel's and Hampton's take. Twelve pages and I'm already hooked. Good job, guys!

  2. Kai says:

    AWESOME GUYS!!!!!!! I mean that in both ways – "Demons" is awesome and you BOTH are awesome! Can't wait to see all the rest. XOXO

  3. Gene says:

    Hi Bo,Nice start – looking forward to more!

  4. Alan Coil says:

    Very nice. I feel Bronwyn's frustration with the bells, and even more, I feel Fair Maid Marian's melancholy.

  5. Todd Livingston says:

    A foggy forest, a ripped skirt and a quote from "Malleus Maleficarum" – you must have read the "How To Interest Todd" handbook.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I'm very, very excited to be doing this with Bo. I don't know if I've ever enjoyed characters more – watching living legends dealing with the effects of their own myths is fascinating to me. I hope folks will continue to comment on the story.bob tinnell

  7. Bo Hampton says:

    Thanks,guys–you gave me just the boost I needed. It's great to have input as we go along–reminds me of the old comics letter pages [that have apparently degenerated into companyhype pages now]. Fun,fun.

  8. Toby says:

    Auuugghh! Seriously? Where's the rest?!! What a tease…. Okay, I'll wait (impatiently) for more. The artwork is so great! I'm sure that comes as no surprise to those familiar with Mr. Hampton's large and impressive body of work. The writing is outstanding! Just what you'd expect from this talented twosome! Can't wait for the next installment!

  9. George Travlos says:

    Gorgeous, can't wait to see more. It's tough for me to take Robin Hood seriously, ever since seeing Shrek, but I bet I'll forget all about his "merry men" dance when I see more of Bo's artwork.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Well, I tried becoming a member, but never received the confirmation email (been waiting since yesterday morning). Anyway, I really loved the artwork on this teaser, and can't wait to see more. As I mentioned in the post that never was confirmed, it's tough for me to take Robin Hood seriously, ever since he appeared in the Shrek movies. That being said, as long as he doesn't break into a song and dance number in this comic, I have a feeling I'll be able to overlook that thanks to the incredible artwork and coloring. Looking forward to more! George Travlos

  11. Mark Kneece says:

    Bo's storytelling is always a pleasure to read. I love the rich beauty of his landscapes. His sense of storytelling is always smooth and unerring. Bo is definitely in his element with this work, shifting from frightening, Evil Dead landscapes to bucolic Sherwood peace, then back again–at least I think that's how it works. I do want to read the rest of this book. This is great material by a seasoned pro from whom I'd like to see lots more.

  12. Bo Hampton says:

    Thanks again everyone! This input makes it MUCH easier to work on the material every day.Sometimes it feels like Justice League with so many characters but thank God it's not that.Mark Kneece is an accomplished comics and screen writer and currently teaches at SCAD[Savannah College of Art and Design].

  13. M. Brewer says:

    Bo, It looks great so far. I look forward to seeing more. From your fans in Vegas!

  14. jeduffey says:

    "A graphic novel about the Robin Hood legend". You have my attention. After reading through 1-5, that "a different take" on the story is the intent. I'm OK with that. So far it is engaging and I'm looking forward to the next installment. HOWEVER, I am exceedingly picky about details when it comes to the artistic portrayal of such passtimes as archery. The Celtic knot work on pg 1 was a nice start, and then you messed it up on pg 2. In English archery, the arrow always goes on the same side of the bow as the archer's bow arm. Robin isn't a practicioner of Kyudo. I'm at least glad to see no sign of a Mongolian bow. In #3 the fellow walks into the bar with his bow strung and on his back. Nope. Medieval archers don't leave their bows strung and certainly not when walking into a bar. Their training included a "quick draw" stringing of the bow. Pg 25, the longbow looks like a twig in his hand. What the merry men pull 25#ers? A proper yew stave fills a man's hand, making the thumb more flat and less angularly bent. You certainly wouldn't tuck the thumb in behind the fingers, like on pg 26. While the split two-finger hold is an option, compared to the split three-finger hold, other aspect of an archers proper form should be taken into account. I suppose many of the blunders of Robin's form in the bar are to be chalked up to old and drunk. But his form had better improve as he drops the ale and rises to the challenge. I did mention I was picky about the details of portraying archery. I think it is a small request to make of artists that they make an extra effort on the part of accuracy and precision of portrayal when the theme at hand is so widely known to be more than an expert. Robin Hood isn't just some kid in his back yard. He's the artistic representation of the real Howard Hill. If you want to do some visual research, get some of the old film shorts of HH. He's the real deal. It's all in the details. Let me know if you need some more info.All the same, I do like the work and look forward to the next issue.

  15. Bo Hampton says:

    Very good to know, actually. Although I could cop to the drunken use of the bow I won't.It's a technical error on my part that you caught and will definitely be corrected when and…if…Robin takes up the bow again. I'll be making these corrections you refer to in the printversion which will happen after the entire story is put up here. Thanks very much for the interest and I'm glad that you'llbe with us for a while.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I can't figure out how to become a member. Grr. Anyway, great job by Bob and Bo! The palette is pure N. C. Wyeth (a compliment) and the dialogue reads like a wonderful update from Howard Pyle (who may not have gotten to Robin Hood but left his mark on the legend of Arthur and his knights.) Can't wait to pick this up!!Scott