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REVIEW: Rockin’ with Judy Jetson

Hanna-Barbera was clearly running out of steam in the later 1980s as their style of animation and storytelling was no longer in synch with its young viewers. As a result, they did an awful lot of recycling of concepts including the two season-long Hanna-Barbera Superstars 10 which took Yogi Bear, the Flintstones and the Jetsons and told longer, and not necessarily better, stories in ten stories. The ten telefilms ran during the 1987-1989 seasons and since then have been in rotation on cable’s Boomerang channel with Warner Archive slowly releasing them to eager fans who can’t get enough of these properties. Their last release from this series was The Flintstones Meet the Jetsons.

This week, from Warner Archive, comes the release of Rockin’ with Judy Jetson, a Jetsons’ film that puts the focus squarely on the teen daughter, who is usually overshadowed by the rest of the cast. That alone would make the 92-minute film interesting  but it is another effort that clearly shows its writers didn’t know how to expand from the thirty minute confines to something longer.


Check out the official synopsis:

Despite father George’s disapproval, Judy Jetson is totally into Sky Rocker, the biggest intergalactic rock star around. When the teen icon announces a surprise concert, Judy writes a super awesome song and sends it to him. And – oops – the song is accidentally switched with an evil magic message from music-hating witch Felonia Funk. Bummer for Judy! Then Felonia goes one diabolical step further: she kidnaps Sky Rocker. What a buzz kill – but don’t freak out yet! Judy and her friends – along with brother Elroy, family dog Astro and music-loving aliens named Zoomies – set out to save Sky themselves. Is Judy Jetson the coolest Space Age teenage cartoon star ever?

Mistaken identity, switched songs, intergalactic evil queens, all manner of things so unlike the futuristic sitcom which was based on the family comedies that were so prevalent in the 1950s and 1960s. The closest to an evil witch was Endora on Bewitched. Anyway, the story is pretty dumb from beginning to end despite it being a showcase for Janet Waldo, who had been Judy Jetson’s voice since the series debuted in 1962. Writers Charles M. Howell IV and Kevin Hopps could have done better with the characters. Director Paul Sommer at least tried to make it contemporary with rock video montages and some quicker than usual edits.

The song Sky Rocket turned into a hit, credited to Judy but not written by her, is the memorable nonsense known as “Gleep Gorp”. While a bit of a catchy tune, it has become a YouTube hit for those who grew up on the show but was written similar to the bubble gum pop of the 1960s, not the music the intended audience was more familiar with. The feature boasts six songs, most of which are the same two repeated by different singers.

The vocal cast is a welcome, familiar addition as Waldo is joined by the original team of George O’Hanlon, Penny Singleton, Daws Butler, Don Messick, Jean Vander Pyl, and Mel Blanc. New voices include comedian Ruth Buzzi as Felonia with the rest being fairly non-descript.

Another missed opportunity, this one is only for those with a real sense of nostalgia for ‘80s H-B material.



Pulpfest 2011 has been another rousing success according to reports from many creators attending.  The winner of the 2011 Munsey has also been announced.  Congratulations to Anthony Tollin of Sanctum Books, the man responsible for reprints of THE SHADOW, THE AVENGER, and THE WHISPERER being available to fans today.  For full Pulpfest coverage on the Munsey this year, go to


And for a bit more on the floor coverage from the viewpoint of one of the leading creators of New Pulp, Artist Rob Davis, Partner and Co-Publisher of Airship 27 Productions stated-

“Hey, to all our pals who aren’t in Columbus, Ohio for PulpFest. We are having a blast selling books and greeting people who come by the table. We had our best Friday ever sales-wise and Saturday was a very good day as well. Some old pals and new dropped by the table. I’d try to list them all, but I’m sure I’ll miss someone– Ron’s much better at remembering who he chatted with than I am. I’d venture to guess that this show is pulling bigger attendance than Windy City (no mean feat!) and sales are brisk for the dealers. Ron and I attended the “What is SteamPunk” panel Saturday night and couldn’t find seats! “

And from Win Scott Eckert-
I’m at the airport now, ready to head home. What a great show!

Friday night, although it was late, folks hung in there for FarmerCon’s Philip Jose Farmer/Wold Newton panel/presentation. Technology willing, we’ll have some video up on YouTube soon.

Ron did a fantastic job moderating the New Pulp panel on Saturday (thanks Ron!), and Duane, Bill, Greg, Wayne, and Art added a lot of insights to the writing process and why we love writing pulp, which the audience seemed to appreciate. My New Fictioneering reading was nerve-wracking, but fun.

The rest of the programming was great, with several presentations on the Shadow for the 80th anniversary, a presentation on steampunk, and on legendary pulp writer C.L. Moore.

The dealer room was excellent, and Meteor House did quite well with THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSE FARMER, volumes 1 & 2.

Although I made the list of final nominees for the Munsey Award, I knew I had no chance against the other great nominees, and the award went to a very deserving Anthony Tollin for his work on The Shadow, Doc Savage, Whisperer, and Avenger reprints. Anthony joined us for dinner a couple nights and regaled us with many stories. :-)

I brought a bunch of back stock of my various books, and they went like hotcakes. The PulpFest attendees were very gracious and extremely interested and supportive. I’ll definitely be back.

See Two New ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Viral Videos

See Two New ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Viral Videos

Just in time to blunt the release of X-Men: First Class, new Dark Knight Rises teaser videos have popped on up YouTube, uploaded by “The Fire Rises” who posted even more cryptic videos over the past few days.

One is a news report from GCN from TV anchor Mike Engel (Anthony Michael Hall), with sketchy TV footage that’s labeled “Arkham Breakout?” There’s also a quick flash of a Facebook page URL, which also belongs to The Fire Rises (aka Warner Bros. Entertainment, according to the user info page).


The second video, titled ‘Outbreak,’ features an Abu Gharib vibe and the same creepy chants.


Am I the only person who is worried that Batman’s heart is going to be ripped out by Mola Ram?

Ghostbusters Bust Ghosts in New York Public Library

Ghostbusters Bust Ghosts in New York Public Library

Folks sitting amongst the stacks in the New York Public Library were present for what we artist folks call a “happening”. Patrons using their laptops, searching the shelves, and researching rare facts for their reports in the Rose Reading Room were haunted by a trio of white sheeted ghosts! Who were they gonna call? Given that the NYC Library was haunted in a similar fashion back in 1984, officials were quick to call in the Ghostbusters.

Or they called Improv Everywhere, the virally-famous YouTube clan known for their No Pants Subway Rides, a Fake Ben Folds Concert, and my personal favorite, the Grocery Store Musical, amongst other ‘missions’. Improv Everywhere performed their homage to the Second City’s send-up of the paranormal to help raise awareness for the New York Public Library, which is facing a serious budget cut. A cut to the tune of 37 million dollars.  

We want to give some kudos to library’s marketing department for hooking up some some local talent to help create this viral buzz. Given what a budget cut of this size would do to the New York Public Library System, now’s the time to act. If you’d like to do your part to keep one of the countries coolest library systems in tact, you can visit their site and donate. Or if you live in the area, they are calling for a letter writing campaign as well. So, do your part, lest YOU be haunted by ghosts yourself.

ComicMix Quick Picks (in Six) for December 16, 2009

ComicMix Quick Picks (in Six) for December 16, 2009

Six quickies:

Anything else? Consider this an open thread.

‘Crazy Sexy Geeks’ returns with Edward James Olmos, Rob Zombie, and David Alan Mack

‘Crazy Sexy Geeks’ returns with Edward James Olmos, Rob Zombie, and David Alan Mack

After a small hiatus, the geek talk series is back with a vengeance!

This week, hosts Alan Kistler and Carrie Wright talk with Halloween director Rob Zombie, Battlestar Galactica and Blade Runner actor Edward James Olmos and novelist David Mack, talking about remakes, reboots and sequels:

And if you want to see what else is in store for the series, check our cool trailer!

Every week, “Crazy Sexy Geeks: The Series” will discuss topics such as super-hero fashion, the best time travel stories, movie monsters, mythology in comics, gay characters in media, and what makes a good adaptation. You can find new episodes right here and on the YouTube channel “CrazySexyGeeksSeries.”

#SDCC: What did we learn on the Show tonight, Craig?

SDCC StormtrooperWe’ve now had a day or three to recover from the convention, and there are a few things we’ve learned– some particular just to this convention, some that will hold for the year to come, and some that are permanent changes to the way we’re doing business.

  • We’ve almost hit the point where we can have a virtual shadow convention alongside the real one. I would argue that this may be the major lesson of the convention, particularly now a few days after the con when everybody is uploading their videos to YouTube and pictures to Flickr. Keith R.A. DeCandido illustrates the phenomenon for his Farscape panel: “There’s a whole mess of YouTube video from the tenth anniversary panel I moderated: One recorded on some guy’s iPhone. One recorded with a video camera. And another. And yet another. And yet still another. Look, another one! These frelling things don’t end. They just keep going. And going.” Nine separate video feeds for a panel on a show that’s been off the air for a while.
  • Even more, you could follow the convention in pretty close to real time between twittering and liveblogging. It was possible to have a news site write articles straight from Twitter feeds, with photos to match as well. And now after the fact, you can get full collections of panels on YouTube for much of the show. Not enough, alas– I haven’t found a feed for everything yet, but give it time. In fact, this may be the cast for lots of people as the streams are reaching far more people than could fit in the rooms.
  • The show has gone seriously mainstream– so much so that late night TV made note of the convention. A lot. From Jimmy Fallon to Craig Ferguson, many shows made reference to the convention. G4 was able to do live remotes from the show, the same way MTV might for Spring Break or ESPN might from the tailgating at the Super Bowl. And the promotions out on the streets were on the level of what’s outside the Super Bowl stadium.
  • And yet with all that, the show is comparatively easy to hob-nob around, setting aside the issue of sheer volume. A lot of the actors were out in the wild, as it were, and there were no ill-effects reported– stars could walk around in the main dealers room without being seriously molested, and yet still approachable. And of course, if any celebrity felt like he was going to be  mobbed, he or she could just put on a mask and walk around without being noticed, just another mask in the crowd.
  • Best of all, the show is still untamed. Marketing people were complaining that they weren’t getting exactly the kind of traction they hoped for? Not enough Twitter love from the nerds? Screw you and your marketing plan. Try talking to your audience for a change. Or even better, listening to them. You think it’s just dumb luck that everybody loved Flynn’s Arcade?

All in all, San Diego is still a good show. It’s exhausting, it’s insane, but it’s still the standard to beat.

Will Amber Benson macarena? If her next film is any indication…

Will Amber Benson macarena? If her next film is any indication…

We mentioned on Wednesday that Amber Benson would macarena on YouTube if enough people commented on her book at Amazon. But would she actually do it?

After seeing this trailer for her next film, which will be out on DVD on the 28th, I’m convinced she’ll do anything.

(REALLY Not Safe For Work. You’ll probably laugh hard enough that your coworkers will come over and take a look, and then the jig will be up.)

(Hat tip: John Rogers. Hey look, even more innuendo!)

Make Amber Benson Macarena!

Make Amber Benson Macarena!

From Amber Benson’s Official Blog: The Macarena Challenge!

Okay, I have a favor to ask. If you have read the book I’m shilling (selling, pimping, whatever the Hell you wanna call it), would you post a review of it up on Amazon ? I don’t care if you loved Death’s Daughter or hated it. Just post your thoughts; any and all. It would be very helpful and if I get 85 reviews going over at Amazon (not all by the same person) then I will post a video of me up on You Tube doing the Macarena.

You don’t believe? Just try me. I do a nasty Macarena.

Well, how can we not promote that?

If we get a hundred reviews, maybe we can get the book’s editor, Ginger Ginjer Buchanan, to do a Macarena too.

Oh yes. We know where to find you, Ginger Ginjer . And ve haff ways of making you dance.

(Look, it’s not like I can guarantee getting any of Amber’s co-stars from Buffy The Vampire Slayer to do it. But I can find Ginger Ginjer.)

UPDATE: But apparently, I can’t spell Ginjer. Dang spellcheckers. I forgot that Ginjer uses her own name as a proofreader test.