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Strange Trails Cover Revealed

Cover Art: James Burns

James Palmer has shared the cover for his latest anthology from Mechanoid Press, Strange Trails. The cover was designed and illustrated by James Burns, who also did the cover for another project James was involved in, Blackthorn: Thunder on Mars from White Rocket Books.

Palmer also shared the table of contents for Strange Trails:

Mr. Brass and the Master of Serpents by Josh Reynolds

Sins and Lillies by Tommy Hancock & Morgan Minor

The Mechanical Heart: A Tale of Julia Holst and the Weird West by Barry Reese

The Akeldama Dig by Edward M. Erdelac

Mummy Train by James Palmer

The Eye of Ulutoth by Joel Jenkins

And here’s the equally snazzy back cover:

STRANGE TRAILS will be available in both print and e-book formats.
Coming soon from Mechanoid Press

White Rocket 031: Jim Beard on Writing Pulps and Comics

Comics and New Pulp writer and Comics Historian Jim Beard is the guest on this week’s episode of the White Rocket Podcast.  Jim joins Van Allen Plexico to discuss everything from Sgt Janus to the 1960s Batman TV show!

Find the show here:

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Chris Barnes of Dynamic Ram Audio joins host Van Allen Plexico this week on the White Rocket show to discuss the art of creating audiobooks and audio dramas.  From how to produce them to how Chris got interested in the first place, it’s a wide-ranging discussion of a classic form of entertainment that is suddenly new again.

Find Dynamic Ram on the Web at http://thedynamicram.blogspot.com/

You can listen to White Rocket 029: The Art of Audiobooks with Chris Barnes now at http://whiterocket.podbean.com/2013/06/25/white-rocket-029-the-art-of-audiobooks-with-chris-barnes/

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Pulp Fiction Reviews’ Ron Fortier returns with a look at the first book in Van Allen Plexico’s new The

Shattering series, Legion 1: Lords of Fire.

By Van Allen Plexico
White Rocket Books
311 pages

Something foul has invaded the galactic empires of mankind; something ancient and powerful beyond imagining.  Veteran space opera author, Van Plexico once again spins a tale of cosmic proportions but narrates it through the eyes of several believable characters thus bringing the reader along intimately for yet another thrill ride.

Military Colonel of the First Legion, Ezekiel Tamarlane is the protagonist in this book, the first of a new series, and he jumps onto the stage in full action mode having been ordered to steal one of the empire’s more treasured artifacts; an artifact he is personally in charge of protecting.  Thus successfully completing his secret mission he is then publicly demoted for allowing the artifact to be stolen.

Sound convoluted?  You bet it does and soon Tamarlane finds himself the target of cleverly disguised murder attempts.  When he takes his suspicions to his trusted superior and mentor, General Nakamura, he is forced to confess his own part in the theft which has created dangerous political and military ripples throughout the known worlds.  To his credit, the General’s faith and trust in his subordinate motivates him to dig deeper into the affair all of which leads to their witnessing the Emperor’s disappearance into another realm where live gods and demons.

A rescue sortie is launched with Nakamura and Tamarlane in charge and what they find on “the other” side is far beyond their scope of reasoning.  That they manage to save the Emperor and his retinue is the catalyst for further attacks on both their lives until both must accept the undeniable truth that they are mere pawns in a vast conspiracy that threatens all the star kingdoms of man.

Plexico amps his already manic writing pace in this volume and readers had better buckle up because the action never stops from page one to the end.  In fact the climatic battle in the off world cathedral had this reviewer getting paper burns for turning the pages so fast.

In the end this is of course all a set up for much more intrigue and dastardly alien shenanigans.  LEGION 1: LORDS OF FIRE is a fiction stew that is both new and familiar.  Imagine “Dune” as written by Robert E. Howard and that’s the gift we have here.  This is one of the best new pulp titles of the year thus far.  Miss it at your own peril.

Live From Alabama Phoenix Festival It’s The White Rocket Podcast!

Last weekend, New Pulp Author Van Allen Plexico was a guest at the 2013 Alabama Phoenix Festival. He spent some time with several other notables in attendance– Bobby Nash, Sarah White, Sean Taylor, Doc Osborn, Mike Gordon, and David Wright– discussing what they’re up to and what they think about the Festival. A good time was had by all! So load up on Zaxby’s and grab a seat in the Cahaba Center–good times await!

You can listen to White Rocket 025: Alabama Phoenix Festival now at http://whiterocket.podbean.com/2013/05/28/white-rocket-025-alabama-phoenix-festival/

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The Original Volume in “The World’s Greatest Superhero Novel Series” is back in an “Anniversary Edition!”
White Rocket Books proudly announces the release in trade paperback format of a newly revised and updated edition of Van Allen Plexico’s SENTINELS: WHEN STRIKES THE WARLORD, the original adventure in the famed and very popular cosmic superhero saga!
Originally appearing in 2008 from Swarm Press, When Strikes the Warlord has only been available as an e-book or as part of the Grand Design Omnibus for over a year.  Now White Rocket brings it back into print as a stand-alone trade paperback, with all the original interior artwork by famed series artist Chris Kohler.
When Strikes the Warlord gets the Sentinels saga off with a bang, as teenaged college student and “science nerd” Lyn Li is attacked by shadowy members of the US Defense Department. Teaming up with beloved but mysterious national hero Ultraa and renowned inventor and billionaire Esro Brachis, she enters a new world of androids, aliens, cosmic space gods, interdimensional conquerors, and more.  When at last they all clash atop the Warlord’s floating city, the existence of the universe itself is at stake!
This new edition has been meticulously re-edited by the author.  Says Plexico, “Because this book is the entryway for many readers to discover my work, I’ve always wanted it to be as strong of a presentation as it could be.  This new Anniversary Edition from White Rocket allowed me to tighten things up in many places—but not one bit of the overall story has been changed!”
The Kindle edition has also been updated to match the Anniversary Edition paperback.
“I’ve already bought the next Sentinels book! Van’s got me hooked!” says Percival Constantine, author of Fallen.
“Spectacular.  Action-packed. Imaginative and wonderful,” adds Pulp Fiction Reviews.  “If you grew up loving the Avengers comic books from Marvel, these books are for you in a big, big way.”
White Rocket Booksis a leader in the New Pulp movement, publishing exciting action and adventure novels and anthologies since 2005, in both traditional and electronic formats.   White Rocket books have hit the Amazon.com Top 15-by-Genre and reached as high as #2 on the New Pulp Bestsellers List, and have garnered praise from everyone from Marvel Comics Vice-President Tom Brevoort to Kirkus Reviews.
SENTINELS: WHEN STRIKES THE WARLORD is a $14.95, 6×9 format trade paperback from White Rocket Books.  (Other volumes in the series are available in two omnibus paperbacks, and each is a $2.99 or $3.99 e-book for Kindle and other e-readers.)  
Visit the Sentinels page at the White Rocket site at www.whiterocketbooks.com.
164 pages; 5 full-page illustrations by Chris Kohler
ISBN-13:   978-0-61580987-8  (6×9” Trade Paperback)
On Amazon.com:

Van Allen Plexico Docks the White Rocket at the Book Cave

White Rocket 022: The Book Cave Guys Interview Van!

This week, the tables are turned as new pulp author Van Allen Plexico himself is interviewed by Dr Art Sippo, Ric Croxton, and Bruce Rosenberger of the Book Cave Podcast.  This episode presents excerpts from that interview, discussing Van’s latest SENTINELS novel, METALGOD, as well as his new Military SF novel series, “The Shattering.”

The White Rocket episode is available via iTunes (subscribe and don’t miss an episode!) or you can visit the podcast site at http://whiterocket.podbean.com/
The White Rocket Books page at http://www.whiterocketbooks.com/
The Book Cave can be found at http://thebookcave.libsyn.com

Many thanks to Art, Ric, and Bruce for making this audio available to White Rocket.

The Griffon Battles the Terror and the Viper—on Kindle!

Two Titanic Tales of Adventure in One Package, from Van Allen Plexico

Who is… the Griffon?? 

When criminals, saboteurs and foreign agents threaten America’s security, millionaire ballistics expert Kerry Keen takes the controls of his custom-built, heavily-armed seaplane, the Black Bullet, as the dashing Griffon!

With mechanic/co-pilot/butler/chauffeur Barney O’Dare at his side, the Griffon strikes from a hidden hangar on Long Island Sound and delivers swift and often brutal justice to those deserving of it.  Sought by the authorities for his ruthless vigilante tactics, he must constantly avoid both the wrath of his foes and the long arm of the law.

In these two new adventures by award-winning and best-selling New Pulp author Van Allen Plexico (Sentinels; Lucian), the Griffon squares off against Nazi agent The Terror and his horrifying new secret weapon that could tilt the balance Germany’s way in the coming war—and then battles The Viper, a vengeance-seeking SS officer leading a squadron of missile-launching rocket-planes!

“The Griffon is such a terrific character,” says Plexico, “and I’m happy that White Rocket can offer readers what is essentially a two-part adventure together in one package for the first time.  Fuel up the seaplane and get ready for takeoff—the Griffon flies again!”

In these two power-packed adventures, here are just a few of the real-life machines you will see in action:

Sikorsky 1-S38 flying boats

DKW F5 Meisterklasse and Dusenberg sedans

Bachem Ba-349 rocket planes

Henschel Hs 217 Föhn unguided air-to-air rockets

Messerschmitt Bf 109 W seaplanes

Curtiss P-36 Hawk fighter planes

Chatellerault MAC 34 high-powered machine guns

Originally appearing in LANCE STAR: SKY RANGER Vol 2 (Airship 27) and NEW ADVENTURES OF THE GRIFFON (Pro Se), this 2-in-1 Kindle edition from White Rocket Books collects the two parts of Van Allen Plexico’s epic tale of the high-flying GRIFFON into one e-book for only $2.99.


New Pulp Author Van Allen Plexico welcomes 2013 Pulp Ark Award Winning Best Author Bobby Nash on The White Rocket Podcast this week to discuss one of their favorite TV shows, Justified.

About The White Rocket Podcast Episode 21:
Award-winning author Bobby Nash joins Van Allen Plexico this week to discuss the hit FX TV series, JUSTIFIED! It’s an hour of Raylan, Art, Boyd, Ava, Tim, Rachel, and a holler full o’ hillbillies, moonshiners and drug smugglers!  The question is– will Van and Bobby get out of Harlan alive??

Listen To White Rocket #21: Justified now at http://whiterocket.podbean.com/2013/04/15/white-rocket-021-justified/

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