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Tweeks: Adventures at VidCon

Tweeks: Adventures at VidCon

Vidcon as you know, is the brainchild of the Vlogbrothers (Hank & John Green) and it celebrates all kinds of internet video — though mostly YouTube and Vine. There are lots of teens and tweens running around and a bunch of people watching other people play video games. This was our third year attending and here are our adventures.


Tweeks: VidCon 2015 Wrapup

Last week, we attended the VidCon. It was started in a Los Angeles hotel by John & Hank Green (The Vlogbrothers) and now in its 6th year, VidCon has grown to take up the Anaheim Convention Center with about 20,000 attendees.  This probably isn’t on most ComicMix readers’ radars, but it should be.  Online video and its creators and fans too are  taking over the world. Seriously. The YouTube Famous are stars to billions (with a B).  They are our generation’s A-list celebrities and at VidCon they walk the con floor and meet their fans and so there are lots of teenage girls who freak out and lose their minds in a screaming fit.  There’s also people in the online video industry upstairs learning stuff.  We had a great time and were able to meet some of our favorite YouTubers.  The video tells the story, as it should being about a video convention and all.

Tweeks Draw 2014

DrawOurYearThumbWe seemed to watch a lot of “Draw My Life” videos this past year, so we felt it was appropriate to recap our 2014 with a white board and some dry erase markers. In under 3 minutes, we quickly doodle this year’s top movies, tv shows, books & comics.  We also draw our favorite Con experiences, the pop culture headlines that stuck with us, and the best hair of the year (belonging to Blythe from IDW’s Littlest Pet Shop Comics)!   Lots of wishes for a fabulous 2015, everyone!

Tweeks: Vidcon Special

vidconlogoLast week’s 5th Annual Vidcon at the Anaheim Convention Center brought together video content creators, industry and fans to celebrate the medium.  As we expected, it was a con filled with lots of tween and teen girls screaming for their favorite YouTubers, but it also featured an industry keynote from YouTube’s CEO announcing all kind of new features for the site like a “tip jar” for content creators, fan translations and a radio show on Sirius.   Through the panels, concerts and signings it was clear that kids our age see online video like our elders see TV – so this con, started by the Vlogbrothers (Hank & John Green) is only going to grow in importance.  Watch our video for a taste of the experience.


Tweeks: Top 5 YouTube Channels

maxresdefaultIt’s summer, so we know that their kind has kicked-up their time watching online content.   As a matter of fact, we’re currently kicking back with our online video community at VidCon right now.  In celebration of all of that we offer up 5 of our favorite YouTube Channels.  There’s something for everyone whether you want pop culture musicals, thoughtful hip-hop analysis of literary classics, cute cats, comic culture in your kitchen, or dorky teenage boy advice.