Mix March Madness 2016 Webcomics Tournament Final Four!


Semifinal time! Elite Eight eliminations now leaves us with the Comicmix April Armageddon 2016 Webcomic Tournament’s Final Four. Left to battle it out in this free for all frenzy is Erfworld, The Whiteboard, Girl Genius, and Unsounded. Which one of these fabulous competitors will be joining the ranks of previous winners like Shotgun Shuffle (2015), Paranatural (2014), Bittersweet Candy Bowl (2013), and Gunnerkrigg Court (2012)? Will Erfworld become the first repeat winner in our history?

To insure your web-horse wins, in addition to your votes, we also take donation bribes. Donations to the Hero Initiative in Round 5 from people like you brought in $270 (!) We appreciate your passion for your favorites, and your desire to help comic creators!

Let’s take a look at the final contestants!