Tex Avery’s Droopy is coming

Many animation fans believe Tex Avery to be the greatest – and, arguably, wackiest – American cartoon director. On May 15, Droopy, his best-known creation, will be released on DVD in all his complete glory.


Tex Avery’s Droopy: The Complete Theatrical Collection will also contain the eight Droopy cartoons produced in letterbox ratio, which have been rarely seen on television. Many of the shorts feature the ultimate slick bad-guy Wolfie, another of Avery’s best-known creations. Episodes include Dumb-Hounded, The Shooting Of Dan McGoo, Wild And Woolfy, Northwest Hounded Police, Señor Droopy, Wags To Riches, Out-Foxed, The Chump Champ, Daredevil Droopy, Droopy’s Good Deed, Droopy’s Double Trouble, Caballero Droopy,  The Three Little Pups, Drag-A-Long Droopy, Homesteader Droopy, Dixieland Droopy, Deputy Droopy, Millionaire Droopy, Grin And Share It, Blackboard Jumble, One Droopy Knight, Sheep Wrecked, Mutts About Racing, and Droopy Leprechaun. Extras include Droopy and Friends: A Laugh Back and an ersatz gag reel.

Droopy’s more recent guest-appearances with Roger Rabbit and The Simpsons are not expected to find their way onto this Warner Bros. two-DVD box set; of course, they were tributes to Tex produced after his death.