Tweeks Hit Silicon Valley Comic Con 2016

We took a road trip up to San Jose last weekend to check out the first ever Silicon Valley Comic Con. This was Steve Wozniak (of Apple fame) & Stan Lee’s venture. As we should have guessed by the location alone, this wasn’t the kind of con we’re used to. It was nerd on nerd (tech meets comics) and way more male-centric than the cons we usually go to. There were some great guests though like Nathan Fillion, Jeremy Renner, William Shatner, and a Back To The Future reunion. Watch the video to see how it all went down.

Also, interesting to note, there were far fewer Deadpools (our count was barely in the double digits) and instead Marty McFly & Spider Man cosplay were every where we turned. And also we only saw one Spider Gwen, but tons of girls wearing Spider Man and Spider-Woman costumes. This says something about SoCal vs. NorCal, we just don’t know what.