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From creator Nick Acosta:

…a new disaster movie starring The Rock called “San Andreas” is slated to premiere in theaters. From the trailer I noticed that some of the film’s big disaster set pieces (the destruction of the Hoover Dam and Golden Gate bridge) looked very familiar to me. They are almost shot for shot the same as from one my favorite movies growing up – the 1978 film “Superman.” So I decided to re-edit the “San Andreas” trailer to take out The Rock and put in a 27-year-old Christopher Reeve as Superman. I even rotoscoped him flying from the 1978 film into “San Andreas.” Christopher Reeve’s Superman was my first childhood hero growing up. I still consider him the definitive Superman and I still can hear his voice when I read new Superman comics. So it was an immense pleasure to drop him into a modern day movie and see him fly one more time in his prime. Please check out “San Andreas” re-cut to the 1978 film “Superman,” I call it SUPERMANDREAS For more info on how this was made and to compare it to the actual “San Andreas” trailer you can goto my portfolio site.


Tweeks: Adventures at WonderCon Anaheim 2015

Last weekend, we totally geeked out at WonderCon Anaheim. So, in this week’s video we bring you the sights & sounds of our adventure.  Stay tuned because there will be more to come in the next coming weeks.  We kept busy over the three-days finding new comics, interviewing creators, shopping (lots of that), and people-watching.  Soak in the experience and then stay tuned for more WCA action.