PANEL QUESTION- Pulps, both classic and new, are chock full of heroes.  Larger than life action types who swing in, throw fists, sling bullets or magical blasts or some such, and then swing out having routed the villains, wooed the love interest de jour, and gone on to the next adventure.  But what are these heroic types made of?  What does a character have to have to be a Pulp Hero?   

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From Rob Davis-
Pulp heroes must have a strong, overriding sense of justice and/or right and wrong.

From Nancy Hansen-
A pulp hero is always inspiring. This is someone any of us could look up to in awe; a person who rises to the occasion, sacrificing whatever it takes to make sure justice is done. She or he may not be the strongest, smartest, or most skilled warrior in the group, but there is a feeling of competence, a dogged persistence, at least some self-discipline, and enough grit and determination to see a situation through. That is what it takes to keep these larger than life characters in there fighting when all hope is gone, energy is flagging, and the injuries are taking their toll—in essence to the last dying moment and ounce of strength. And because pulp heroes have made at least some kind of bonds with others in the tales, there is generally a supporting cast of characters with more specialized skills and interests who may wade to assist at a critical moment. Add a dash of good luck and a few shakes of quirky yet comfortably predictable behavior, stir well, and you have a rousing good story and the birth of a legend.

From Percival Constantine-
A pulp hero should be larger than life, a character who readers stand in awe of. A pulp hero needs to have style and flair with which he or she goes about their duties. A healthy dose of wit also doesn’t hurt.

From Martin Powell-
That’s best answered, I think, by a pulp hero.  Put in simplest terms, and in the words of Doc Savage himself:

“…Let me think of the right and lend all my assistance to those who need it, with no regard for anything but justice.”

Works for me.