Ron Fortier and Rob Davis, partners in Airship 2 Productions and founders of The Pulp Factory, an online pulp group for pulp creators and fans, announced and presented the second annual Pulp Factory Awards at the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention on Friday, April 15, 2011.

The Pulp Factory Awards are given in four categories and are decided by nominations and votes of Pulp Factory members.  To be eligible, works must have been produced in 2010 and must either be pulp stories set prior to World War II or in the far flung future.

The Winners of the 2011 Pulp Factory Awards are-

Best Novel- “Green Lama Unbound” Adam L. Garcia (Award accepted by proxy Tommy Hancock)

Best Short Story-“The Last Deposit” by Ian Watson in SHERLOCK HOLMES CONSULTING DETECTIVE, VOLUME TWO (Award accepted by proxy Rob Davis)

Best Cover-“Robin Hood, King of Sherwood”, Mike Manley (Award accepted by proxy Wayne Reinagel)

Best Interior Art-“Green Lama Unbound”, Mike Fyles (Award accepted by proxy Fuller Bumpers)

Congratulations to all Pulp Factory Winners and Nominees!!