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Hello All Pulpsters!! It’s Tommy, exhausted but happy to be reporting on Windy City Pulp and Paper Con once again…Big day at the con, lots of people…Several of the new pulp publishers had decent days and of course, all the old pulp collectors and such made good sells and trades as well.

Will Murray signed autographs and, along with Radio Archives and Moonstone, gave away to a lucky winner, whose name I did not get unfortunately, a huge poster of the cover of the first Radio Archives Doc Savage audio book, PYTHON ISLE, out this June!!

Lots of connections were made, discussions had ideas bandied about.  I personally made a purchase that may lead to a little known pulp type character reemerging, but we shall see.   Several possible new additions to the guest list as well for Pulp Ark showed themselves today, including the one I’m most excited about  Frank Coffman, an Illinois college professor is also a leading expert on the poetry of Robert E. Howard and if schedules do not conflict, will be attending Pulp Ark next month and doing a classroom on Howard’s poetry and then another on how to write pulp poetry! Awesome stuff happening at Windy City!  More tomorrow!


ALL PULP is pleased to announce its third open position for staff reporter/reviewer/interviewer has been filled.   Jonathan Jones joins the ranks of ALL PULP and will be a major part of bringing Pulp fans and the world at large All the news that is Pulp from ALL PULP!  Be on the lookout for our three new staffers to debut on ALL PULP in the next week or two!
Tommy Hancock, Coordinator of Pulp Ark, the new Convention/Creators’ Conference being held May 13-15, 2011 in Batesville, AR, stated today that although things are coming together quite nicely, there are still a couple of areas the Pulp Community, particularly creators and publishers, could help out with.
“Pulp Ark,” Hancock said, “is growing every day and will be a great show and a fantastic first effort.  We do have a couple of things, though, that we’re still trying to pull together.  We announced a while back that the local art gallery wanted to host a Pulp Art Show during Pulp Ark and they still desperately want to do that.  I am meeting with them today as a matter of fact.  My problem is, except for pieces from Pro Se’s work (Hancock is Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions), we don’t have any artists who have committed to have works in the gallery!  This is a great opportunity and definitely something Batesville has never seen.  And we are planning to have an auction on Saturday night wherein if an artist wants to sell a piece in the gallery, they can and 80% of what is made goes directly back to them, in their pockets.  Of course, if an artist just wants to display his/her work and not sell it, that’s fine, too.  The focus is the gallery showing, not the auction.”
“Also,” Hancock continued, “Pulp Ark put the call out a few weeks ago for goodies, stuff that creators and publishers might have that they would consider donating for fan bags to be given to the first however many fans come through the door.  Although we’ve had a couple say they would contribute, we could use several more.  This could be postcards, pens, pins, whatever, just something to give to the fans that they will for sure enjoy and leave with.”
Any artists interested in participating in the Gallery showing and/or any publishers or creators interested in contributing to the Pulp Ark Fan Bags, can email Hancock at proseproductions@earthlink.net for further details.