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Monnstone Announces The Spider and a New Printingof the Domino Lady Sex as a Weapon Coming in October

Moonstone Books has released their October 2013 solicitations.

Cover Art: Dan Brereton

Story: Martin Powell
Art: Hannibal King, Pablo Marcos
Cover: Dan Brereton
7” x 10”, grayscale, 106pgs, $12.95

Previews Exclusive!

**Includes the never-before-published issue #3, and a brand new illustrated short story!**

The original Spider, the most ruthless and relentless crime fighter of all time, (hated by both the Law and the Underworld) mows down crime in these Moonstone pulp action tales!

This volume also includes reprints “The Spider #1 & #2, “Return of the Monsters: The Spider vs Werewolf”, The Spider XMAS , plus the prose short story “City of the Melting Dead”.

*includes a foreword by Elizabeth Bissette, the great niece of the man who wrote the majority of original Spider tales: Norvell Page!

Cover Art: Uwe Jarling

Story: Nancy Holder, Chuck Dixon, Bobby Nash, and more
Edited by: Lori Gentile
Interior Art: Ver Curtiss
Cover: Uwe Jarling
222pgs, Squarebound, 6” x 9”, $16.95

Previews Exclusive!

New printing of this long sold-out collection!

Stunned and enraged by the murder of her crusading politician father, beautiful socialite Ellen Patrick becomes determined to bring her father’s killers to justice…at any cost.  A talented Berkley graduate, she knows that to truly fight the men who killed her father she must break all the rules.  Donning a distinctive white dress and a black domino mask, she becomes The Domino Lady, one of the sexiest –and most elusive—crime fighters of all time.


Nine all-new tales of one of the world’s first female masked crime fighters, by Nancy Holder, Chuck Dixon, CJ Henderson, Martin Powell, Ron Fortier, James  Chambers, Bobby Nash, Gail McAbee. Introduction: Mystery Writers of America Raven Award winner Joan Hansen!


The Spider™ Argosy Communications. Artwork © Dan Brereton

New Pulp Author Martin Powell shared the following news on his Facebook page.

Well, now it’s official. Moonstone is now packaging a special volume devoted exclusively to my own adventures of Norvell Page’s mad and monstrous crimefighter — THE SPIDER. This is exciting, but also a bit bittersweet as it’s my swan song for this character. I’m going to miss him.

The collection will feature both re-presented comics and prose as well as all-new stories and art, never before published.

The contents are:

“City of the Melting Dead” illustrated prose with art by Tom Floyd
“City that Couldn’t Sleep” illustrated prose with art by Pablo Marcos
“Death Siege of the Frankenstein Legion” comic with art by Pablo Marcos
“Blood Reign of the Thunder King” comic with art by Hannibal King
“City of the Bleeding Snow” comic with art by Tom Floyd
“The Spider vs. The Werewolf” comic with art by Jay Piscopo

Soon as I know the publishing date, I’ll announce it here on Facebook.


Tarzan ™ ERB, Inc. Cover Art © Daren Bader

New Pulp Author, Martin Powell shared news of his upcoming Tarzan project from Sequential Pulp Comics/Dark Horse Comics.


JUNGLE TALES OF TARZAN to be published by Sequential Pulp/Dark Horse Comics. Based on the classic anthology by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Written by Martin Powell and illustrated by Daren Bader, Pablo Marcos, Terry Beatty, Will Meugniot, Nik Poliwko, Antonio Romero Olmedo, Mark Wheatley, Diana Leto, Steven E. Gordon, Lowell Isaac, Tom Floyd and Jamie Chase.


The Spider ™ Argosy Communications. Artwork © Pablo Marcos.

New Pulp Author Martin Powell shared an excerpt from the upcoming Moonstone release of The Spider in “The City That Couldn’t Sleep.”


Gunfire erupted, bullets splintering plaster and wooden panels. The Spider was a dark-cloaked blur, springing forward with panther-like prowess. He fired twice, dropping as many hooded thugs, splashing their blood and brains ruby-red across the linoleum. Two more shots punched through another masked skull, and severed a spine into gory splinters.

Only one crook remained. Trembling, he tossed away his weapon, knelt upon the sticky blood-slick floor, and surrendered.

The Master of Men laughed again.

“Smart boy,” he snarled, gliding closer to his prisoner. “You’ve been cleaning up, all over town. Clever jobs.
Well organized. Not like everyone else. Maybe you’re immune to the Sleepless Sickness. Perhaps you’re the cause of it. We’re going to have a long talk…and I promise you’re going to tell me exactly where—”

The thug’s eyes spilled tears, gasping behind his mask. The Spider tore away the cowl, revealing killer’s contorted face already blackening with poison he’d consumed from a hollow molar.

There was nothing the Spider could do, except watch him die. He wanted to curse his own failure.

Instead, he laughed. And laughed some more.


The Spider in “The City That Couldn’t Sleep” is written by Martin Powell with interior illustrations by the legendary Pablo Marcos. Coming soon from Moonstone Books. http://www.moonstonebooks.com/


Sequential Pulp Comics shared their latest press release for A Quatermain Adventure with All Pulp.

For more information, contact:
Michael Hudson


Allan Quatermain may not be as well known as Tarzan or Indiana Jones, but he adventured his way through lost civilizations long before those two characters’ adventures had been put into writing.  The FIRST Action-Adventure Hero Returns in a new series of Quatermain Adventures from Sequential Pulp Comics

Quatermain first appeared in Sir H. Rider Haggard’s 1886 novel, King Solomon’s Mines, and he set the standard for generations of adventure heroes. Haggard’s second most famous character, the iconic Ayesha followed a year later in the rousing “lost civilization” yarn, She. Both Quatermain and Ayesha proved to be so popular that Haggard wrote one of the earliest versions of a “crossover” with Allan and She. Both characters have proven to be remarkably durable over the decades in both print and film and continue to thrill audiences today.

With a resurgence in pulps and classic adventure at an all time high, Sequential Pulp’s Michael Hudson felt a graphic novel series built around the adventures of Allan Quatermain was due and thus was born the first two books A Quatermain Adventure: King Solomon’s Mines and A Quatermain Adventure: She. Michael Hudson says, “Our version of King Solomon’s Mines is the first in a series of wild adventures that take Quatermain and his companions all over the world…and even beneath it. The second graphic novel in the series is an adaptation of She, which blends elements from both the original novel and She and Allan. I’m thrilled to have two creators well versed in adventure comic storytelling in Mark Ellis and Pablo Marcos on King Solomon’s Mines. The work that has been coming in is stunning!”

When offered scripting reins on the project, veteran action-adventure novelist Mark (James Axler) Ellis saw it as an opportunity to “re-imagine” Quatermain and his milieu. Ellis says, “Quatermain is not just the template for all modern adventure heroes, but for the ‘Englishman who went native’ character archetype. I thought it would be interesting to examine that a bit in our series. So Pablo and I decided to present Allan as younger man, more dynamic, with a touch of the savage about him. And that extends to sexy female characters such as Princess Ignosa in King Solomon’s Mines.”

Quatermain remains popular with movie studios. Such actors as Stewart Granger, Richard Chamberlain and Sir Sean Connery have portrayed him. Recently Sonar Entertainment announced a 10 episode TV series entitled Quatermain, expected to go into production on location in Africa later this year. Sequential Pulp’s King Solomon’s Mines will solicit mid 2013 followed by She.

About Dark Horse Comics:
Since 1986, Dark Horse Comics has proven to be a solid example of how integrity and innovation can help broaden a unique storytelling medium and establish a small, homegrown company as an industry giant. The company is known for the progressive and creator-friendly atmosphere it provides for writers and artists. Today, Dark Horse Comics is the third-largest comic-book publisher in the U.S., and is recognized as one of the world’s leading publishers of licensed comics material.

About Sequential Pulp Comics:
Sequential Pulp is a new imprint and production house whose focus is on publishing graphic novels based on classic to neo pulp of all genres. Its books will include both licensed and creator-owned material.

Mark Ellis:
The author of 50 novels and the creator of the best-selling Outlanders SF novel series, Ellis is no stranger to action-adventure. He has written what is generally considered the best comics version of Doc Savage, as well series based on popular TV shows such as The Wild, Wild West and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. He has also created comic/graphic properties such as Death Hawk, HP Lovecraft’s The Miskatonic Project, Star Rangers, and The Justice Machine.

Pablo Marcos:
Pablo Marcos has worked in comics and commercial illustration for decades. A native Peruvian, Marcos is one of Peru’s leading cartoonists. His first U.S. work was in Warren Publishing’s Creepy #39 in 1971. Marcos has been associated with Batman, Dracula, Conan the Barbarian and his signature character, the Zombie for Marvel’s black-and-white horror comics magazine Tales of the Zombie (1973–1975). He has also illustrated many young adult adaptations of classic novels including King Solomon’s Mines for Great Illustrated Classics and Baronet Publishing.

You can learn more about Sequential Pulp Comics at http://www.sequentialpulpcomics.com/
You can learn more about Dark Horse Comics at http://www.darkhorse.com/

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Allan Quatermain may not be as well known as Tarzan or Indiana Jones, but he adventured his way through lost civilizations long before those two characters’ adventures had been put into writing.


The Spider ™ Argosy Communications. Artwork © Pablo Marcos.

Martin Powell shared with All Pulp a piece of teaser art from legendary comic book illustrator, Pablo Marcos, from the upcoming story, “The City That Couldn’t Sleep” starring The Spider from Moonstone Books.
For twenty-three days no one in New York City had slept.

None could explain it. No one could escape it. The sickness had infected the entire teeming metropolis. The fierce and filthy streets were haunted by mass multitudes of shambling automatons trapped in a living, waking, and endless nightmare.

THE SPIDER returns in “The City That Couldn’t Sleep.” Written by me with stunning interior art by Pablo Marcos. Coming from Moonstone.


Art: Pablo Marcos

New Pulp Author Mark Ellis has shared Pablo Marcos’ stunning cover to the upcoming King Solomon’s Mines graphic novel that is scheduled to be in stores next year from Sequential Pulp/Dark Horse. Says Ellis of the book, “If you think you know everything about this story and Allan Quatermain–well, I’m fairly
confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

You can learn more about Sequential Pulp Comics at http://www.sequentialpulpcomics.com/
You can learn more about Dark Horse Comics at http://www.darkhorse.com/

Sequential Pulp Visits King Solomon’s Mines!

Art: Pablo Marcos


Sequential Pulp Comics is thrilled to have adventure scribe extraordinaire, Mark Ellis and comics’ legend, Pablos Marcos team for a retelling of H. Rider Haggard’s KING SOLOMON’S MINES. Haggard’s Allan Quatermain stories have found new audiences over and over since the character was initially introduced in 1885.

The source material is in public domain. There have been numerous films based on KSM. The latest coming in 2004 from Hallmark Entertainment and starring Patrick Swayze as Allan Quatermain. The most famous version would still be MGM’s 1950 big budget epic staring Stewart Granger and Deborah Kerr. It has just been reported that Dreamworks and Aussie heartthrob, Sam Worthington will tackle the role of Quatermain in a futuristic version of the novel.

Our writer/adapter Mark Ellis had this to say when asked how he plans to keep the material fresh when it has been in front of the public for so many years. “We plan to maintain the spirit of the story but alter sections in the original source material in order to streamline the narrative. We want to make the whole thing a bit more palatable to a contemporary graphic novel reading audience. That means tweaking characterization to some extent. Pablo Marcos, of course, is one of the few living legends of the comics and graphic novel field, and it’s quite the privilege and honor to work with him.”

Sequential Pulp is committed to honoring the wonderful writers who have come before us and we respect their vision and the integrity of their work. That being said I’ve read Mark’s story synopsis and it is fantastic. He has remained true to Haggard,his style and the essence of his storyline. He does it with great finesse taking us to the same place Haggard took us so many years ago. We hope you’ll join us on our journey to bring you one of the finest adventure tales ever written to graphic novel format.

The image above is of Pablo Marcos artwork and is designed by Melissa Martin-Ellis and Michael Hudson for promotional purposes. This will not be the actual cover for the graphic novel.To learn more about Sequential Pulp’s titles, please visit http://www.sequentialpulpcomics.com.
UPDATE! Below is the cover sketch by Pablo Marcos.

Cover sketch by Pablo Marcos