The Point Radio: BITTEN Adds Some Nasty Witches

SyFy’s BITTEN is back for a new season, taking a sharp turn deeper into the supernatural with the addition of a coven of witches to the storyline. Stars Greyson Holt and Laura Vandervoort talk about how this changes the show’s dynamic. Plus Amazon Prime expands their programming with their first live action children’s show. GORTIMER GIBBONS LIFE ON NORMAL STREET is under the watchful eye of Oscar winning director, Luke Matheny who talks about making a kids show for today’s market.

We are back in just a few days with more in our exclusive talk with Laura Vandervoort (did you remember she was TV’s first Supergirl?) plus a visit with the star of LOST GIRL as their final season begins.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter @ThePointRadio.