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Spooks Goes Online

Spooks Goes Online

Supernatural investigations are big in comics these days. From Perhapanauts to B.P.R.D., readers can’t seem to get enough of teams-investigating-scary-stuff stories. Add another to the mix with the upcoming launch of Spooks from Devil’s Due Publishing.

Before the series goes on sale next month, fans can check out preview pages, character profiles, creator interviews and more on the shiny, new Spooks website.  

According to the site, Spooks is about the agents who work for the Department of Supernatural Defense, which "recruits, arms, and deploys sepcially trained forces based within the nation’s borders in support of national security …. to keep the country free of supernatural enemis, whether their origins are domestic, international or otherworldly." 

Spooks is written by Ryan Schifrin and Larry Hama.  Schifrin produced and directed the film, Abominable, for the Sci-Fi Channel, and also served as musical consultant for Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2.  Hama worked on some of the most influential comics of all time, including Wolverine, G. I. Joe, Mort, The Dead Teenager and others.  

The art is by Adam Archer and Jonny Rench (Friday the 13th). Covers are by Greg Staples and Adam Archer, Federico D’Allesandro, Bill Sienkiewicz and Drew Strewzan.

Larry Hama joins G.I. Joe Film, Devils Due loses license

Larry Hama joins G.I. Joe Film, Devils Due loses license

Sure, there have been a lot of recent announcements regarding the live-action G.I. Joe feature film, but they all pale in comparison to this one, folks: Larry Hama, the architect of much of the G.I. Joe mythology for several decades now, will be joining the G.I. Joe film in some capacity!

According to The Latino Review, an announcement is expected later today, but it’s believed that Hama will be a creative consultant for the film.

Hama is well-known for writing the Marvel Comics’ G.I. Joe series that ran for 155 issues (1984-1992). He also wrote the "file cards" on the G.I. Joe action figures produced during that period, and many of the characters are named after Hama’s friends, family and favorite historical figures.

In other G.I. Joe news of note, Devils Due Publishing will not have their contract renewed with Hasbro, owners of the G.I. Joe license.

First reported over at IESB, it’s speculated that Marvel or IDW will receive the license, with IDW the more likely recipient due to their current contract with Hasbro for the Transformers license.

Devils Due was widely regarded as a savior of the G.I. Joe property when they acquired the license in 2001, publishing numerous critically praised stories under the G.I. Joe banner, including the 2006 Snake Eyes: Declassified miniseries.

With the G.I. Joe feature film scheduled for a 2009 release, it appears as if Hasbro is looking to consolidate its film properties with a single publisher, much to the disappointment of G.I. Joe comics fans.


Archie, Judge Dredd, and Elves!

Archie, Judge Dredd, and Elves!

 Kids, Grab Your Wallets!

It’s the last shipping week before Christmas, and the Funny Book Elves have unloaded an avalanche of new comics and DVDs. ComicMix Radio gives you the inside intel needed to make you ready to shop! Plus:

2000 AD finally gets into the 21st century

• Larry Hama is back and he brought some Spooks

• Archie has a new Editor-In-Chief

And some of our  own brand of holiday cheer awaits you, too, once you… Press The Button!

All Ages Night

All Ages Night

All Ages Night is a new film about the cool kids who reject the Britneys and Timberlakes for the classic joys of Patti Smith and the Ramones. Written by former Marvel editor (and Wolverine / GI Joe scribe) Larry Hama and his writing partner, Gabrielle Kelly, it’s the story of a London punk who comes to Los Angeles and meets kindred spirits. You can find out more at the film’s MySpace page or by checking out this story in the Los Angeles Times.