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The Point Radio: Jamie Murray Remains Beautifully Defiant

We head back to the set of DEFIANCE for some quality time with with Jamie Murray who talks about her part on the new season plus her past acting jobs on shows we loved like DEXTER and HUSTLE. Then writer and comedian Spike Feresten explains how he puts people behind the wheel on another season of CAR MATCHMAKER.

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The Point Radio: Julie Benz Has Our Attention

From BUFFY and ANGEL to DEXTER and then DEFIANCE, Julle Benz is an actress that has had our undivided attention. With DEFIANCE about to return for season three, we catch up with Julie about where we last saw her character, what’s ahead and how far she’ll go to research a role. Then, with civil unrest and police mistrust at the top of the news cycle, CBS Legal Analyst Rikki Klieman tackles it all from a new angle this weekend (Sunday at 9pm ET) on Investigation Discovery.

The Point Radio: Julie Benz’ Summer Of Turmoil On DEFIANCE

The second season of DEFIANCE has exploded on The SyFy Network and after the events of last year, the characters find themselves in deep turmoil. Series star Julie Benz (“Amanda”) talks about where we find her this season and what we just might expect for the show as the summer goes on. Meanwhile, with so many fan-centric blockbuster films headed to theaters this season, which ones will actually be hits? Tiffany Smith (from Fandango’s WEEKEND TICKET and DC Comics’ ALL ACCESS) weighs in with a few scoops that just might change your opinions.

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