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Tweeks Draw 2014

DrawOurYearThumbWe seemed to watch a lot of “Draw My Life” videos this past year, so we felt it was appropriate to recap our 2014 with a white board and some dry erase markers. In under 3 minutes, we quickly doodle this year’s top movies, tv shows, books & comics.  We also draw our favorite Con experiences, the pop culture headlines that stuck with us, and the best hair of the year (belonging to Blythe from IDW’s Littlest Pet Shop Comics)!   Lots of wishes for a fabulous 2015, everyone!

Tweeks: Get Silly With Bad Machinery: The Case of the Simple Soul

comics-bad-machinery-1This week the Tweeks are giddy over the release of the third volume of John Allison’s Bad Machinery.  In Bad Machinery: The Case of the Simple Soul, the kids from Tackleford, England attempt to solve some wacky mysteries (barn fires for the boys and a troll make-over for the girls).  Already big fans of the series (watch their review of the 1st two volumes!), Maddy & Anya couldn’t help getting silly over this new release from Oni Press.  It’s full of LOLs over trolls.