ComicMix QuickPicks – January 7, 2009

Today’s installment of comic-related news items that wouldn’t generate a post of their own, but may be of interest…

* Amazingly, I don’t think we’ve ever gotten around to linking to Mark Ryan’s blog. Mark’s writing The Pilgrim for us when he’s not doing work on Transformers 2, but you should read the other stories he tells. And he gets women like Jenn Korbee (right) to perform with him.

* Recession? How can we be in a recession when we can buy a replica Infinity Gauntlet for less than $310?

* Economic Meltdown Funnies. Because it’s all so, y’know, funny. (Actually, it’s a very good explanation of the problems, and is pretty painless to read. Go look.)

Anything else? Consider this an open thread.