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The Point Radio: And The Role Goes To…Malcolm McDowell

Stage, screen, television. Malcolm McDowell has conquered it all with no end in sight to his portrayal of great characters (remember, we can thank him for getting rid of James T. Kirk!). His latest gift is in the Golden Globe nominated MOZART IN THE JUNGLE from Amazon Prime. Malcolm talks about that show plus his view on acting today. Also, master horror director Chris Landon (the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise) has spiced up his latest effort with some laughs. He talks about why SCOUTS GUIDE TO THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE is getting so much buzz.

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The Point Radio: AGENT CARTER Slides Into The Marvel Universe

All eyes are on Marvel this week with the debut of AGENT CARTER, and our first full look at The Marvel Universe post CAP and pre AVENGERS. Series star Hayley Atwell talks about her feelings on playing what has become a key part of the mythos. Then, we sit down with the cast of TNT’s THE LIBRARIANS who give a lot of solid reasons why if you aren’t watching, you might just be missing something good here.

The Point Radio: Jason Schwartzman Revives MOZART

We jump back into pop culture by wrapping up our visit with Janet Varney including her cut on what makes her JV CLUB Podcast so unique. They we talk with Jason Schwartzman about his newest project, MOZART IN THE JUNGLE, streaming right now on Amazon Prime.

This week kicks off our 8th year – and we are back to our twice-a-week schedule in a few days. We start by talking AGENT CARTER with Hayley Atwell and a visit to the set of THE LIBRARIANS!