Molly Jackson: Grasping at Wisdom

Grasping at WisdomBy the time this column posts here on ComicMix, I will be squirming in the dentist chair as my wisdom teeth get yanked from mouth. It doesn’t sound pleasant and I’m betting that I am correct on that. But right now, pre-tooth yanking, my concern is that I’ll be losing some of my wisdom. At least not all of it; just two teeth have got to go.

Yes, I know that is (probably) not how this works but I enjoy the whimsical side of life. It makes life a lot more fun and conversations with strangers’ way more entertaining. What’s nice about this is how free my imagination is.

Imagination is a big part of reading anything that isn’t grounded in reality. Without the ability to suspend disbelief, a flying boy scout in a cape might just not work for you. But within my mind’s eye, I can even imagine all sorts of crazy things while I am drugged up for the teeth yanking. Since you are reading this, I’m guessing you have a pretty active imagination. Comics tend to bring that out in people. Whether it is something in the story, characters, or art, it is always a way to wake up the mind and stretch it out a bit.

Without imagination, the stories we all love would never have touched our hearts. And anesthesia has never been so interesting. So until next week, with half my wisdom intact, keep stretching out that imagination.