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The Point Radio: One Welcome CATASTROPHE

The quirky, sweet British comedy CATASTROPHE is back for a second season, and creators/stars Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan talk about how things have changed for their characters and just how their real life partnership began. GHOST ASYLUM is also back, for third season of chills that host Scott Porter tells us is more terrifying than ever for us and him.

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The Point Radio: SALEM’S Wickedly Talented Janet Montgomery

Janet Montgomery is back as the devious witch Mary Sibley in a new season of SALEM from WGN AMERICA, Janet talks about the upcoming Witch War and how it shakes up the show. Plus, more goosebumps from the guys on GHOST ASYLUM from Destination America. Their second season may be terrifying, but they tell stories of the things that happened off camera that will really haunt your dreams.

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The Point Radio: MANHATTAN Is No Bomb

One of the surprise hits of the summer as been MANHATTAN, WGN’s fictional take on the creation of the atomic bomb and the people who designed it. Tony award winning actor, John Benjamin Hickey talks about his role on the series and what it’s like playing around in the past. Plus it may seem crazy, but these guys go to abandoned hospitals and creepy sanitariums looking for the weird and unworldly. Meet the guys from GHOST ASYLUM, a new series on Destination America.

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