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The Point Radio: Pauley Perrette Tackles SCOOBY And KISS

It’s the team up of the summer, SCOOBY DO MEETS KISS new on DVD and digital video. Among the people along for the fun is Pauley Perrette who talks about the differences in acting and being animated as well as her connections with both off the franchises. Plus radio host Mike Catherwood, fresh from DANCING WITH THE STARS, is helping reboot the 80’s game show CHAIN REACTION and he shares the rules with us.

We are back by the weekend with a visit to the set of the FX hit comedy, MARRIED.  Be sure and follow us on Twitter now here.

The Point Radio: Playing The IDIOTEST And ????

The highly rated series, IDIOTEST, is back for a second season on the Game Show Network. Host Ben Gleib let’s us prove just how bright we are by playing an (unedited) round here plus meet the man that put the first Nike shoe on a big name NBA plater and started a 13 billion dollar a year phenomenon. Meet Sonny Vaccaro, subject of a new ESPN documentary.

NBC is setting up another prime time cross over event and we talk to the shows that will tie it all together.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter @ThePointRadio.

The Point Radio: LEPRECHAUN Creepy DOLPHIN Cutsey

We take a look at two new films from completely opposite ends of the spectrum. LEPRECHAUN:ORIGINS reboots the franchise with a terrifying lead character that offers neither luck or charm. DOLPHIN TALE 2 brings back all the original cast including Harry Connick Junior who talks about how honestly thrilled he was to revisit the role and how much fun he had on AMERICAN IDOL.

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