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The Point Radio: THE EXPANSE Is Must See In 2016

Over the holidays, SyFy debuted the new series THE EXPANSE, based on he best-selling novel. The show is generating major buzz and just (today) got the green light for a second season. Star Cas Anvar talks about why you should be watching and how a love for comics helped him nab the role. Plus WWE Superstars Paige and The Miz talk about their latest movie role and what they would do if their careers ever ended.

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The Point – January 12th, 2009

The Point – January 12th, 2009

Start the week off by dumping a few friends on Facebook and getting a free Whopper (no kidding) and then adding some big time celebs to your Twitter account (like maybe some of the Cool People on HEROES).  We tell you how to do both, plus the five cool things in comic stores this week and the Countdown To NY ComicCon begins.|


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