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Catch the Failed Saint Pilot on VOD Next Week

Directed by Ernie Barbarash, The Saint is an all-new reboot of the pop culture phenomenon which spanned decades. Staring Adam Rayner (Tyrant) as THE SAINT, along with Eliza Dushku (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dollhouse TV), and featuring a cameo from the late Sir Roger Moore who starred in the original 1960s TV series, The Saint is a mystery spy thriller for a new generation. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment celebrates the digital release of The Saint on Digital HD/VOD on July 11, 2017.

With a new cast and new plot, The Saint, a modern-day Robin Hood, faces 21st Century challenges. Simon Templar is The Saint, and the stakes are higher than ever. His latest adventure involves $2.5 billion in African aid funds, a persistent FBI agent, and an innocent girl held hostage.

With a history of intrigue, from the original novels in the 1920s, to the movies and a TV series in the 60s, THE SAINT is sure to delight new, and tried and true fans. A must-own for any crime drama connoisseur!

The Saint Digital HD/VOD:
Street Date: July 11, 2017
Screen Format: Widescreen 16:9 (1.85:1)
Audio: English DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1, English Descriptive Audio 5.1, Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1, French Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles: English / French / Spanish
Total Run Time: Approximately 126 minutes
U.S. Rating: Not Rated
Closed Captioned:  Yes

The Point Radio: Katee Sackhoff & Eliza Dushku on “Batman: Year One”

This week, one of the most revered story arcs in DC history becomes a direct-to-DVD feature. BATMAN YEAR ONE hits the shelves and we talk to Katee Sackhoff, Eliza Dushku and long time WB Director Andrea Romano about translating the comic to film. Then there was New York Comic Con – what a weekend – and do we have news for you!

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Eliza Dushku is a purr-fect fit for Catwoman in Batman: Year One and animated short

Eliza Dushku has taken command of Catwoman and she’s not about to give her back.

The star of Dollhouse and Tru Calling, and a vital part of the amazing Buffy the Vampire Slayer cast, provided the voice of Selina Kyle/Catwoman for Batman: Year One, the next entry in the popular, ongoing series of DC Universe Animated Original Movies. A few short months later, Dushku was quick to accept a return to the role as the title character of the DC Showcase animated short Catwoman.

From the moment she accepted the role, Dushku was keen on making this character her own – and coming back to play the character as often as possible. Given her performance, it’s doubtful casting director Adnrea Romano and executive producer Bruce Timm would look elsewhere the next time the sometimes vigilante, sometimes villain appears in a script. (more…)

Warner Home Video to unveil Catwoman animated short, first ‘Justice League: Doom’ footage at NYCC

Warner Home Video, Warner Premiere, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation proudly present an action-packed hour of first looks at DC Universe Animated Original Movies properties on Friday, October 14 from 3:00-4:00 p.m. at New York Comic Con.

Central to the panel will be the premiere of the animated short Catwoman, starring Eliza Dushku (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse) as the voice of title character. The 15-minute short will be included on the release of Batman: Year One, which streets October 18 on Blu-ray, DVD, for Download and On Demand.

The panel will also include the very first footage to be seen from Justice League: Doom, the highly-anticipated next entry in the ongoing series of DC Universe Animated Original Movies.

The panelists, which include the ultimate voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy, DCU executive producer Bruce Timm and casting/dialogue director Andrea Romano, will offer a glimpse into the 2012 DC Universe Animated Original Movies slate, give away some exclusive prizes to inquisitive audience members, and quite possibly welcome a few surprise guests to the stage.

An autograph session with the panelists will immediately follow the panel.

‘Torchwood’ Adds All-Star Guests. Lots of ’em!

OK, you know [[[Torchwood]]] is returning July 8th. And you know Bill Pullman is now part of the cast, joining John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Kai Owen, and newcomers Lauren Ambrose, Alexa Havins, Mekhi Phifer, and Arlene Tur. You know this because it’s all been reported here on ComicMix, right?

Well, then. Let’s expand upon this some. This new season of Torchwood also has a whole bunch of interesting guest stars. In politically correct yet still tantalizing alphabetical order, we’ve got John DeLancie, Frances Fisher, C. Thomas Howell, Ernie Hudson, Wayne Knight, Nana Visitor (hot damn!) and Mare Winningham.

Not bad for a ten episode cable run. But that’s not all. There’s plenty more Torchwood ahead.

There’s going to be a Torchwood webcast series called Web of Lies, which will star Eliza Dushku. It’s being written by producer (and former Battlestar: Galactica, Dollhouse, and Tru Calling Buffy writer/producer) Jane Espenson, and she’s been Tweeting the news all over the smartphone world. There are implications that Dushku might appear in the next series on Starz/BBC.

Meanwhile, John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Kai Owen, Mekhi Phifer and Alexa Havins are doing new full-cast audio dramas for the BBC. A three-parter is currently being recorded in Los Angeles, with more coming in the future.

Man. Nothing for two years, and now more Torchwood than you can shake a stick at. I’m hyped; it’s my favorite teevee series.

Fox Cancels ‘Dollhouse’

Fox Cancels ‘Dollhouse’

The mixed reviews and poor ratings have led Fox to formally cancel Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse.

The second season show, starring and co-produced by Eliza Dushku, is currently on a planned hiatus, keeping it from the harsh glare of the November Sweeps ratings period.

The announced plan has the final episodes broadcast on these dates: two episodes each will air December 4, 11 and 18, from 8 pm to 10 p.m. The last three episodes will air on January 8, 15 and 22 at 9 p.m.

Whedon has been given sufficient notice so the final episodes will wrap up the existing storylines. Summer Glau was recently added to the cast and will play a pivotal role with her knowledge of someone’s past life.

A second season DVD set is expected but no date has been announced.

This marks the second failed series Whedon has produced for Fox, after Firefly. He has yet to issue a formal statement but no doubt it will be heartfelt and entertaining. Meantime, Whedon is also prepping to direct at least one episode of the network’s hit series Glee.

#SDCC: Wonder Women: Sigourney Weaver, Elizabeth Mitchell, Zoe Saldana, Eliza Dushku

#SDCC: Wonder Women: Sigourney Weaver, Elizabeth Mitchell, Zoe Saldana, Eliza Dushku

Sigourney Weaver received a standing ovation at the Comic-Con 2009 panel “Wonder Women: Female Power Icons in Pop Culture,” moderated by Entertainment Weekly.  The “ass-kicking” icon shared the dais with Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliette on Lost), Zoe Saldana (Uhura in the new Star Trek film) and, in an unannounced appearance, Eliza Dushku (Echo on Dollhouse.)

Weaver said “MTV called Ripley the second biggest badass after Clint Eastwood, but I think she could take him.” Apparently, the part of Ripley had originally been intended for a man, then Weaver came “and she was better,” said Saldana, who expressed her excitement about appearing with her.  Said Weaver of the part of Ripley, “I never thought about playing it as a woman, I thought about playing it as a person.”

With regard to the evolution of women’s roles, Weaver said, “I think that society is changing much faster than Hollywood understands.” She also said, “Hollywood gets really wrapped up in what women should wear and I was lucky when I did my action role that I got to wear real clothes.”

The other panelists also discussed their recent empowering roles. Saldana said, with regard to playing a new incarnation of Uhura, that it was “humbling” to continue the role of an original character that “everyone admired.”

Dushku talked about working on Dollhouse with Joss Whedon, known for creating strong female characters in his other TV series. “There was a reason I went back to Joss when I wanted to find my next role. My role in Buffy was so amazing. When I went back to him, I had such trust that he is the reason why I have all these opportunities. I asked Joss to make me the most multi-dimensional, deep character he’d ever done and he delivered.”


ComicMix Quick Picks – April 15, 2009

The Simpsons™ Announcing America's Newest Stamps

Boy, it’s been taxing today. Here’s a list of quick comic-related items that have piled up here…

Any more? COnsider this an open thread.

ComicMix Quick Picks – February 15, 2009

ComicMix Quick Picks – February 15, 2009

Today’s list of quick items that don’t fill a full post on their own:

  • Don’t believe the lousy "ratings" on Dollhouse that some folks are touting. The only ratings that can conceivably be in are overnights from the largest markets. No Live+7 (in other words, people who have it in their DVR because they went to see Friday The 13th in theaters this weekend) and no smaller markets. Ask again next week.
  • On the other hand, Eliza Dushku is already looking for extra work as the Black Widow in Iron Man 2
  • Vinnie Bartilucci points us to a possible shooting location for M. Night Shyamalan’s Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • Chris Sims is doing Valentine’s Day again in that special, special way of his.
  • And finally, The Simpsons premieres tonight in HD, and they actually change the credits for the occasion. The first permanent change in 19 years. Yikes. Take a look– can you spot Fat Tony? (You can cheat by looking here.)

Anything else? Consider this an open thread.

A Qualified Positive Notice for ‘Dollhouse’

A Qualified Positive Notice for ‘Dollhouse’

Time magazine’s television critic,  James Poniewozik, has posted the first review for Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, which will not air until February 13.

He wrote, “It was both better and worse than I expected, in different ways. One of my concerns about it was that — given Joss Whedon’s talent for making absorbing serials — the case-of-the-week nature of the show would make it harder to grow attached to. (I’m assuming that anyone who cares at this point knows the premise already, but in case I’m wrong: Eliza Dushku plays Echo, an "Active," which is a person who has agreed to let a secretive organization erase his or her original memories and personality and implant new ones in them for "assignments" involving rich clients.)

“Yes, this is certainly Joss Whedon trying to do What People Think Works on Broadcast TV Today—the legendary serial-procedural hybrid. But the first episode—in which Echo is imprinted with a kidnapping-negotiator’s personality to secure the return of a rich man’s abducted daughter—is well enough written to be absorbing. Writing a crime hour doesn’t seem like Whedon’s thing, but the episode is tight, suspenseful, with intriguing psychological twists and flashes of Whedonesque humor.”

He is concerned that the show “is less a series concept than an actress’ showcase, a sort of extreme version of an Alias undercover premise.”

Still, he’s optimistic about the series and its future, concluding, “But for me, the main draw now is not seeing Dushku become a different person every week, but getting to see Joss Whedon become a different writer every week.”