The Quest is Ended: Tom Baker joins Doctor Who Legacy

Collectors love completing a set.  So imagine the joy of players of Doctor Who: Legacy when it was announced that Tom Baker, a.k.a. “Four,” had been approved for addition to the game, thus giving a full set of Doctors. The download code for Tom Baker was released earlier today via Kotaku.

img_0026-300x400-6832809The free-to-play game has gained a steady stream of additional content since its release last December– dozens of new  Companions, costumes for both friends and Doctors alike, new levels based on past episodes and seasons of the show, and a plethora of enemies new and old.

With the new season, new content has kicked into high gear. Levels and characters based on each new episode have been added every week shortly after their broadcast.

By keeping in touch via the game’s Facebook page or their newsletter, players can receive free download codes for the new content, as well as being able to receive alternate versions of the characters by playing special expert levels, or via the fan area. The fan area opens up once a player buys five time crystals, the game’s premium currency, and is well worth the minor expense.


Special black and white editions of The Brigadier and the First and Second Doctors give a clue as the depth and detail the game offers.

Doctor Who has been steadily increasing his footprint in the videogame world.  Official Minecraft skins were released recently for the Xbox version of the game, and the BBC has just unveiled a new game for the CBBC website, The Doctor and the Dalek, an educational game that teaches programming skills by allowing the player to take control of a malfunctioning Dalek.

Doctor Who: Legacy is free for AppleAndroid and Kindle devices, as well as playable online via Facebook.