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Quesada contributes Colbert variant cover for Spider-Man

Quesada contributes Colbert variant cover for Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man #573 will guest star television host Stephen Colbert and now the company has announced a variety of variant covers to celebrate the event.  One will be a variant itself on Amazing Adult Fantasy #15 as interpreted Marvel EiC and artist Joe Quesada. The issue will have two standard covers – one from Romita Jr. and one from Kevin Maguire, a zombie variant from artist Marko Djurdjevic, and now the Quesada/Colbert cover.

Writer Mark Waid and artist Pat Olliffe produce the eight-page story, a chapter in Colbert’s quest to become president in the Marvel Universe.  Readers can also find campaign trail updates at a special website, http://blog.indecision2008.com/tag/marvel/

The issue’s main event will be the conclusion to “New Ways To Die” from writer Dan Slott and artist John Romita Jr.

Review: Learn Spanish With Batman

Review: Learn Spanish With Batman

So there I was at the supermarket maintaining a half-century long tradition: hanging out by the magazine racks looking for treasure. Or at least something interesting to read. Nada. As usual.

But there was a dump next to the racks with a trade paperback titled [[[Learn Spanish With Batman]]]. Well, that seemed interesting. I picked one up, flipped though it and found that the stories were reprints from DC’s sundry Batman cartoon tie-ins. Top-rank stuff by top-tier people: Terry Beatty, Rick Burchett, Tim Levins, Scott Peterson, Dan Slott, and Ty Templeton. What the hell; I picked it up.

Truth be told, I took a couple years of high school Spanish. My first teacher would have done better as a guard at Guantanamo Bay. My second, Ron Manger, was vastly superior but it was probably too late. I picked up a lot more Spanish on the Chicago streets. So I approached Learn Spanish With Batman with my typical cynicism.

They reprinted the stories but certain key words in Spanish, lettered in a red color hold. The translation was off to the side in the appreciable borders. The whole thing was done by Berlitz, who have quite a track record when it comes to the foreign language racket.

Reading the 110 pages, I felt a few ancient memory cells being brought out of a coma. I don’t know how effective this process would be for someone without my slight Spanish language background but – to be fair – the book is obviously targeted to kids and pre-adolescents. I only fall into that category for a living.

It was a pleasurable experience; the stories were great fun and some actual knowledge got hammered into my leaden brainpan. There’s two volumes of Superman and another of Batman in the series thus far, and I’ll probably pick up the latter.

If you’re only interested in the stories, DC’s many trade paperback reprints are a better deal. But if you’d like to try a little experiment, or you’ve got kids or young siblings, I’d give this a try.