Tweeks: Cosplay Dreams

11148818_799706823458348_1607683491225468985_oOne of our favorite parts of attending cons is watching the cosplayers.  We know that not everyone is a fan, and that’s too bad, because it’s such a creative way to show fandom.  Though maybe after watching the documentary, Cosplay Dreams 3D, those who haven’t embraced cosplayers will.  The film focuses on cosplay celebrities as well as those who just do it as a fun hobby.  It’s the stories about the people under the costumes that really make the movie.  Though the 3D effects and really cool costumes don’t hurt either.

At WonderCon, we not only got to see a screening of the movie, but we also had a chance to interview the filmmakers Christine and Gulliver Parascandolo (who are San Diegans like us — so we get why they would be inspired by Comic Con to make this movie). It’s very much Tweeks-Approved and once you watch our review, we know you’ll want to watch.

If you want to see Cosplay Dreams, you can find out where it’s playing on their Facebook Page.  Upcoming showings are at the LVL UP Expo in Las Vegas on May 31st or on the opening night of the New Media Film Festival in LA.