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Martha Thomases: Where Are Our New Nerds?

In last Monday’s New York Times Media Watch columns, they ran a list of the ten films released this year that had the highest box office ion their opening weekends. What’s amazing to me is that the top five (Marvel’s The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Hunger Games, Amazing Spider-Man and Twilight: Breaking Dawn: Part 2) can all be classified in the fantasy genre, or, as I like to call it, nerd stuff.

Of the next five (Skyfall, Brave, Ted, Madagascar 3 and Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax), three are aimed primarily at children, and one is a James Bond film, which has its own separate but overlapping geek audience. Only Ted could be considered a movie aimed at what was once the wide, mainstream audience, and even then, because it is an R-rated comedy, that limits the wideness.

When did our beloved nerd culture become so dominant? I was certainly the only girl in my high school (which was all girls) who read superhero comics, and if anyone else read science fiction or fantasy, they were in the closet about it.

Even in the 1980s, when Frank Miller and Alan Moore and Art Spiegelman were publishing work that attracted mainstream media attention, there wasn’t much spillover to the medium of graphic storytelling.

When I first went to work for DC, the most common reaction I encountered when people learned what I did was, “Do they still publish those?”

For that matter, even today, the success of the movies listed above doesn’t do much for comics. There’s a history of tie-in films boosting the sale of books (for example, Gone With the Wind), but that doesn’t always overlap to your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, or comic book store.

Still, I don’t think fans like us can claim to be outsiders anymore. We might not be the cool kids, but we aren’t unwanted loners, either. What are today’s nerds about?

Is it Steampunk? Is it libertarian politics? Are there still obscure rock bands to follow, or has everything been American Idol’d to a bland pap. What distinguishes the kids getting beat up and/or ostracized today?

Besides being queer, I mean.

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The Point Radio: ALCATRAZ = LOST 2?

The new Fox Series, ALCATRAZ, might seem a little familiar to LOSTies – there’s JJ Abrams, an island and even Hurley but there’s a lot more hidden in the mystery than you might think. Jorge Garcia and Sarah Jones join us to talk about what you can be sure will be different this time. Plus DC breaks the line and goes to $3.99 on Bat-Books.

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The Point Radio: Maggie Q On NIKITA And More

Maggie Q talks at length about breaking the “Asian Actress” barrier, staging good fights and what she learned from Jackie Chan – all of which benefits her each week on The CW‘s NIKITA. Plus BREAKING DAWN blasts out, DEXTER goes for two and it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s your pa**w**d.


The Point Radio is on the air right now – 24 hours a day of pop culture fun for FREE. GO HERE and LISTEN FREE on any computer or mobile device– and please check us out on Facebook right here & toss us a “like” or follow us on Twitter @ThePointRadio.

‘Twilight’ graphic novel sets first printing of 350,000

‘Twilight’ graphic novel sets first printing of 350,000

Twilight: The Graphic Novel
will hit stores March 16 with a first printing of 350,000 copies. Yeah, sure, it sounds impressive for comics, and it is, but put it in perspective– over 15 million Twilight books were sold in 2008, with 1.3 million copies of Breaking Dawn selling on the first day of release alone. More interestingly, Deb Aoki notes that the book is already in Amazon’s Top 10 two months before shipping.

Entertainment Weekly‘s Shelf Life blog has a look at the cover and interior art, plus an excerpt from an interview with Twilight
author Stephenie Meyer. (A 10 -page preview plus the full Q&A will
run in the new edition of the magazine, which hits stands on Friday.)

Twilight: The Graphic Novel
is adapted and illustrated by Korean artist Young Kim, with input from
Meyer, whose series of young-adult novels has sold 53 million copies
worldwide. The book is coming out from Yen Press, a division of Hachette, which also produces the Twilight prose books.


‘Twilight’ Sequels get into Gear

‘Twilight’ Sequels get into Gear

Now that Quantum of Solace is open, all eyes are turning to next week’s release of Twilight.  Summit Entertainment has begun putting the pieces in motion to adapt the second of Stephenie Meyer’s novels, New Moon. No final decision will be made until the dollars hit the box office but the worldwide reaction is expected to be intense and profitable.

Melissa Rosenberg has been signed to return and adapt both New Moon and Eclipse as screenplays. That just leaves the final volume, Breaking Dawn, to be assigned.

Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson)’s tragic romance continues through the two books with the introduction of other vampires and a werewolf who tugs at the teen’s heartstrings.

‘Harry Potter,’ ‘Twilight’ Trailers

‘Harry Potter,’ ‘Twilight’ Trailers

The international trailers for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Twilight have hit the internet.

First up is Potter, which can be found over at Trailer Addict or watched below. The new trailer offers some interesting glimpses into the film, including Dumbledore’s curse-ridden hand and Potter chasing after Snape while shouting, "Fight me, you coward!" You also get to see the cave where Harry and Dumbledore have their last great team-up together. All in all, looks like a fitting adaptation of the series’ penultimate chapter.

Click below to watch!

Next is Twlight, an adaptation of the young adult vampire/romance novel by Stephenie Meyer. The book has spawned three sequels: New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. It follows the romantic relationship between a human named Bella and an animal-feeding vampire named Edward. The film stars Kristin Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Cam Gigandet, Peter Facinelli and Nikki Reed.

Head here to see the trailer.

ComicMix Radio:  Steven Moffat On Taking Command Of Doctor Who

ComicMix Radio: Steven Moffat On Taking Command Of Doctor Who

Even for an established and award winning television writer like Steven Moffat, taking command of a 45 year old universe is a little daunting. In the first part of our exclusive ComicMix interviews with the top BBC talents, he tells us his outlook for the future, plus:

  • Dave Gibbons shares his reaction to seeing The Watchmen come to life
  • The creator of Scream turns to comics
  • What is was like to camp out under the full moon last night waiting for Breaking Dawn

No spoilers here – really  just Press the Button!


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Stephenie Meyer Twilight Signing in NYC

Stephenie Meyer Twilight Signing in NYC

On 44th Street in New York City today, right down the street from where Daniel Radcliffe is shedding Harry Potter’s robes (literally) in Equus, Stephenie Meyer is preparing to take over the mantle with her Twilight series, speaking and signing tonight at the Nokia Theater to a sold-out crowd of 2100 screaming fans that are already waiting on line as I type this, all in preparation for the midnight launch of book four in the series, Breaking Dawn.

I was on the subway this morning, and I saw a group of young women wearing "Team Cullen" shirts, and asked what they were doing for the launch of the book, and they told me about the event tonight. Of course, it was long sold out– four minutes to sell them all, according to the ticket guy there– and people were alreadly lining up in the early afternoon, in 90 degree heat and wearing all sorts of homemade fan apparel, to get the best seats. It reminded me of the lines for the fourth Harry Potter book, before the first movie came out, before it really got big.

More photos after the jump.