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Table Talk Returns… But At What Price?

Mike Bullock, Barry Reese, and Bobby Nash are back for another installment of NewPulpFiction’s Table Talk. This week, the guys discuss the rising cost of books and what it means to readers, writers, and publishers.

Table Talk: At What Price? with Mike Bullock, Barry Reese, and Bobby Nash is now available at http://www.newpulpfiction.com/.

Table Talk – Go behind the table with Mike Bullock, Barry Reese, and Bobby Nash

Table Talk – Go behind the table with Mike Bullock, Barry Reese, and Bobby Nash at http://www.newpulpfiction.com/.

From Mike Bullock’s opening comments:

When you get two or more creators sitting behind a table at a signing or convention, when no one is around, they inevitably start talking shop. I’ve now done more signings and conventions than I can remember at once but the one thing they all have in common is an opportunity to gab with other creators. Despite what anyone might think, this is the thing I love most about the events. Whether it’s comparing a common love of some old character or examining the ins and outs of the latest news or talking about our creative processes, it’s always an enjoyable conversation.

When I mentioned this one time to a non-creative friend, he replied “I bet a lot of people would love to hear those conversations.”

In response to that, we dreamed up Table Talk, a semi-regular column where you can read conversations between New Pulp creators discussing things we love. Since just about every conversation starts out with a compelling question or statement, that’s the format we’ll follow here.

I asked fellow writers Barry Reese and Bobby Nash to join me in this, as I feel a solid connection to these two guys, and can only imagine if the three of us spent a weekend sharing a booth at a convention, we’d have some sterling back-and-forths about everything from old pulps to action figures to Silver Age comics and New Pulp.

To start the inaugural column off, Barry Reese suggested someone throw out a question to get the ball rolling. Bobby and I quickly nominated Barry to come up with said question.
You can read the conversational back and forth at www.newpulpfiction.com/2011/08/table-talk-behind-table.html

Check back each week for a new installment.

"Talons of the Red Condors" Now Available At iPulpFiction.Com

Talons of the Red Condors: Bill Spangler

Bill Spangler’s Lance Star: Sky Ranger story, “Talons of the Red Condors” is now available at http://www.ipulpfiction.com/ for the low price of only $1.00.

Flying rebels have captured the Panama Canal, threatening to destroy it unless their ransom demands are met. Lance and the Sky Rangers soon find themselves fighting an old enemy who’s come back from the grave!

Check out the “Talons of the Red Condors” bookshelf at http://www.ipulpfiction.com/books/LanceStar-Vol1-3-TalonsOfTheRedCondors/jacketNotes.php

Release schedule for Lance Star: Sky Ranger tales on iPulp:
06/17: Lance Star: Sky Ranger – Vol.1 #1: Attack of the Bird Man by Frank Dirsherl (now available)07/07: Lance Star: Sky Ranger – Vol.1 #2: Where the Sea Meets the Sky by Bobby Nash (now available)07/27: Lance Star: Sky Ranger – Vol.1 #3: Talons of the Red Condors by Bill Spangler (now available)Visit the official Lance Star: Sky Ranger iPulp Library at http://www.ipulpfiction.com/bookstore.php?sort=Title

The Lance Star: Sky Ranger iPulp Interview Round Up:
IPulp Fiction’s Keith Shaw:
Lance Star: Sky Ranger Author Frank Dirscherl:
Airship 27 Air Chief Ron Fortier:
Airship 27 Artist/Designer Rob Davis:
Lance Star: Sky Ranger Author Bill Spangler:
Lance Star: Sky Ranger Author Bobby Nash:

Visit the official Lance Star: Sky Ranger iPulp Library at http://www.ipulpfiction.com/bookstore.php?sort=Title
For more information on iPulp Fiction’s offerings, please visit http://www.ipulpfiction.com/
For more information on Airship 27 Productions’ offerings, please visit http://www.gopulp.info/
For more information on Lance Star: Sky Ranger, please visit http://www.lance-star.com/

Green Hornet: Still At Large Cover Art Revealed!

Green Hornet: Still At Large Cover Art Revealed!

Over at his blog, Win Scott Eckert posted the cover to the recently announced third volume of Green Hornet stories based on the 60’s TV series version of the characters. You can read the original post at http://woldnewton.blogspot.com/2011/07/green-hornet-still-at-large.html

The new volume will be titled The Green Hornet: Still at Large!

Says Win, “Yes, that’s right, folks… there will be a third volume of short stories from Moonstone Books about the 1960s Green Hornet and Kato. Feast your eyes on the cover by Rubén Procopio!”

Green Hornet: Still At Large Cover: Ruben Procopio

“This time around, Joe Gentile and I will be joined by Matthew Baugh in sharing the editorial duties. Our lineup of writers is complete and they are getting busy. Look for the book some time in 2012!”

The Green Hornet Casefiles, Volume Two in the series, will be available soon.

Green Hornet Casefiles coming soon

Keep checking All Pulp for more information as it is released.


Lance Star: Sky Ranger joins the iPulp Fiction Library

Flying high in the pages of the Airship 27 Productions anthologies and eBooks, Lance Star: Sky Ranger’s writers and creators have partnered with iPulp Fiction to bring exciting pulp stories directly to your mobile device. The fiull story and artwork can be read at http://www.lance-star.com/.

iPulp Fiction is releasing a story a day throughout June and July including tales featuring Lance Star: Sky Ranger. Bobby Nash’s story, “Where The Sea Meets The Sky” will be released July 18th for the low price of $1.00. Visit iPulp at www.ipulpfiction.com for more information.

iPulpFiction is a cloud-based reading service that publishes classic and contemporary short stories that are accessible from any device with an up-to-date browser and an Internet connection. iPulp is on the cutting edge of a new generation of web apps.

Beginning this week, look for new Lance Star: Sky Ranger based interviews with the writers, editors, and the crew at iPulp Fiction and airship 27 Productions at the official Lance Star website, www.lance-star.com.
Make sure you check out Bobby Nash’s Lance Star: Sky Ranger story, “Where The Sea Meets The Sky” on July 18, 2011 when it is released for the low price of $1.00 at www.ipulpfiction.com. Print and digital editions from Airship 27 are also available.
For more information on iPulp Fiction, please visit www.ipulpfiction.com
For more information on Airship 27 Productions, please visit www.gopulp.info
For more information on Lance Star: Sky Ranger, please visit www.lance-star.com and www.bobbynash.com



Sunday, May 15th, 2011

PULP ARK came to a close at 12 Noon, May 15th, 2011.  That was four days ago.  Still, the internet is alive with pictures, comments, ideas, threads, and remembrances of a three days that we will never forget.  There are even more pictures below.  I had planned to do a major article here, but I won’t.  Instead I’ll say-There will be a PULP ARK 2012, most of the guests who were there for the first time around have already committed to return.  And I’ll also say…

Thank you.  Thank you all.

Tommy Hancock

And for some, the Con went on!


Derrick Ferguson and Art Sippo

Derrick Ferguson and Lee Houston, Jr.

Bobby Nash and Van Plexico

Fuller Bumpers and Bobby Nash

Ron Fortier and the Domino Lady

Lee Houston, Jr.

Terry Alexander and his lovely wife

And The Pulptress awaits your return next year
to PULP ARK 2012!


Friday, May 13th, 2011, 6 PM

Tommy Hancock getting RADIO LIVES AGAIN started!

 As a part of the first day of activities at PULP ARK, Coordinator Tommy Hancock invited several writers to adapt excerpts from their stories for a live audio old time radio style recording.  One writer adapted a script himself and Hancock had time to adapt two other scripts.  What then ensued was tremendous fun and lots of bravery and performing by volunteers.  Each excerpt was performed unrehearsed live and with sound effects. 

Rob Davis (on floor), Art Sippo, Alex  Hancock,
Fuller Bumpers, Tommy Hancock

The first, an excerpt from Van Plexico’s GIDEON CAIN, stars Ron Fortier as a demon, Plexico as Cain, and Tommy Hancock as Cain’s Arab Companion.  LANCE STAR, SKY RANGER, written by Bobby Nash, followed, with Fuller Bumpers as Lance, Rob Davis as Ice, Art Sippo as Andrew, Alex Hancock as Bar Guy and Tommy Hancock as Announcer.  The final scene is from Wayne Reinagel’s KHAN DYNASTY with Patrick Cranford as Kong, Rob Davis as Bart, and Tommy Hancock as Chang Lee!  Follow the link below to download the whole event AND all the con chatter that went on inbetween scenes!


From Left-Rob Davis, Fuller Bumpers, Art Sippo, Tommy Hancock, Alex Hancock

Van Plexico (left) and Tommy Hancock


Tommy Hancock, Pulp Ark Coordinator and Partner in Pro Se Productions, the company behind the first annual Convention/Creators’ Conference being held in Batesville, AR, May 13-15th, announced a rather unique event being held the evening of the 13th at the Cinnamon Stick, the historic building serving as the inaugural site for the first Pulp Ark.

“Friday night,” Hancock stated, “we will be hosting an event we’re calling ‘Radio Lives Again.‘ The concept is simple in theory and we’ll see how easy or hilarious or both it is in actual practice.  Basically we are taking scenes from various New Pulp stories written by authors in attendance at Pulp Ark and will be dramatizing them live on stage for an audience at 6 PM Friday.  We will do this in the style of old time radio, where actors come up to the microphones with scripts, act out the scene complete with sound effects and even possibly music.  No rehearsal, no second takes, true live radio like entertainment. And our actors, we’ll pick them from the audience in attendance.”

When asked what authors were being spotlighed, Hancock reported, “We have a list of all those we want to make sure get a few minutes of this wonderful experience.  Truthfully, though, this idea is a fairly recent one, so getting even a few pages adapted could be a chore.  The current plan is to have scenes from one of my works as well as from stories by Ron Fortier, Van Allen Plexico, Wayne Reinagel, Bobby Nash, and Barry Reese.  If luck is with us, we will have three-five minutes from each of these fine New Pulp authors to add to this show, a show that will be, again if luck is with us, recorded and made available for free in coming days on the New Pulp website as well as other locations.”

Radio Lives Again will begin at 6PM Friday, May 13th, 2011 at The Cinnamon Stick at 151 W. Main in Batesville, AR.  Stay tuned to ALL PULP for up to the minute updates from this event and others at PULP ARK!