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From the FEB. 1942 issue of Super Science Stories

THE HUNTED ONES by John E. Harry

He had sworn to destroy an alien world—and himself with it. But one day under a battle-filled sky he discovered the strength of a conquered people’s creed; “There will be death but no retreat. And in the end there must he victory!”
Publisher: Black Mask Magazine – 14,600 words – $1 ]


From the Nov. 1945 issue of All-Story Love

HEART IN THE CLOUDS by Dorothy Brodine

Had Vincent a right to speak of the future when each kiss he shared with Chris might be the last? Is a heart ever safe in a flyer’s care?

[ Publisher: Black Mask Magazine – 7,800 words – 75¢ ]

Secret Agent X: Ruins of Lost Souls by H. Jarrod Courtemanche

Deep in the Jungles of Cambodia, Japanese soldiers unearth a deadly threat from the past. Can Agent X stop them from unleashing it on the world?

Publisher: Airship 27 – 15,100 words – $1 ]