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The Shadow Fan and the Black Falcon!

The Shadow Fan returns for Episode 40! This week, Barry Reese responds to listener feedback, talks about The Shadow Now series that’s coming from Dynamite and offers up a trio of reviews: The Black Falcon (1934), The Salamanders (1936) and The Shadow # 15 (Dynamite, 2013).

If you love pulp’s greatest crimefighter, then this is the podcast for you!

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Tthe Shadow Fan Visits the Carnival of Death

The Shadow Fan returns for Episode 38! This time around, New Pulp Author Barry Reese reviews a classic episode of the radio series – “Carnival of Death,” which aired on November 10, 1940! He also takes a look at Dynamite’s comic book solicitations for September 2013 and goes on a mini-rant about Shadow fandom.

If you love pulp’s greatest crimefighter, then this is the podcast for you!

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The Shadow Fan Faces Death From Nowhere

The Shadow Fan podcast returns for Episode 37! This time around, New Pulp Author Barry Reese reviews “The Seven Drops of Blood” (1936), “Death from Nowhere” (1939) and The Shadow # 14 (Dynamite Comics). Plus: Listener Feedback focuses on Dynamite’s Masks series! It’s a packed episode, all of it dedicated to pulp’s greatest crimefighter!

If you love The Shadow, this is the podcast for you!

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A man unconscious on a city’s shore line.  The only clue to his identity was a small medallion with a name stamped on it. Taking it for his own, this stranger to himself became one of Sovereign City’s greatest heroes!

Pro Se Productions, an independent press on the cutting edge of genre fiction, heroic storytelling, and New Pulp, proudly announces the latest volume in one of the most popular New Pulp series today- THE ADVENTURES OF LAZARUS GRAY VOLUME THREE: EIDOLON! From the mind of Award Winning Author Barry Reese!

“Heroes,”  Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of and Partner in Pro Se Productions, explains, “are not only a major part of what Pro Se does and does well, but they’re vital to New Pulp!  Pulp as a style covers many genres, but the two fisted, fast paced tales of the Hero are what people remember and want to read!  We’re fortunate enough that Barry Reese hangs his mask at Pro Se and continues to add to his own Pantheon through Reese Unlimited.”

From Pro Se Productions and Reese Unlimited -Pro Se’s inaugural Author Imprint- comes the latest chapter in the Sovereign City Project featuring one of the most popular New Pulp heroes of recent years! Thrill to tales in this latest volume as Lazarus Gray and his aides battle against their opposite number as some of their most dangerous enemies band together to form MURDER UNLIMITED! They’ve sworn to destroy Lazarus and his team, but is there another agenda that secretly guides this sinister alliance? 

Also, Gray squares off with a new foe- Eidolon! Who or what is this latest adversary! Follow Gray as he works out a puzzle that began in the steamy jungles of Peru and may end with the fall of a hero! 

“Barry Reese,” Hancock states, “not only delivers a tried and true Pulp Hero tale in the tradition of the Classic tales, he brings a definite excitement to his work.  Twists and turns combined with characterization and controlled chaos make Barry’s dialogue pop and action roll like thunder.”

The Adventures of Lazarus Gray continue explosively with a third volume full of action, excitement, and danger as Assistance Unlimited plunges into the heart of evil…but will they all survive the journey?

Also presenting SECRETS OF THE DEAD, the first in a series of illustrated features by Barry Reese and Award Winning Artist George Sellas!

THE ADVENTURES OF LAZARUS GRAY VOLUME THREE: EIDOLON featuring cover and interior illustrations by George Sellas, print formatting and design by Sean Alim and Ebook design by Russ Anderson! The latest and greatest in New Pulp from Reese Unlimited and Pro Se Productions!

The third stunning volume in the LAZARUS GRAY series is available now via Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/The-Adventures-Lazarus-Gray-Volume/dp/149046946X/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1371702565&sr=8-2&keywords=eidolon+lazarus+gray and at Pro Se’s own store at https://www.createspace.com/4328321in print for $15.00!

“Barry Reese’s new pulp heroes have all the zest of the classic heroes of the 30s with a discreet touch of today’s sensibilities for an added kick. Always a fun, page-turning read.” – Will Meugniot, artist of DNAgents & Supervising Producer of X-Men: The Animated Series

For Review Copies, Interviews, or further information, contact Morgan Minor, Pro Se Director of Corporate Operations, at MorganMinorProSe@yahoo.com.



From Pro Se Productions and its first author imprint, Reese Unlimited, comes THE ADVENTURES OF LAZARUS GRAY VOLUME THREE: EIDOLON by Barry Reese!  One of Sovereign City’s greatest heroes returns as Gray and his team, Assistance Unlimited, finally meet their match literally- Murder Unlimited! Also, this volume introduces Eidolon- Is this mysterious figure finally the foe Lazarus Gray cannot vanquish! Featuring stunning cover and interior art by George Sellas, this volume also features a two page comic spotlighting the origin of Lazarus Gray, written by Award Winning Author Reese and illustrated by Award Winning Artist Sellas!  THE ADVENTURES OF LAZARUS GRAY VOLUME THREE: EIDOLON! The book that changes everything!

If you are an established reviewer and wish a copy of this book to review, contact Morgan Minor, Pro Se Director of Corporate Operations at MorganMinorProSe@yahoo.com and she will send you a pdf copy for review.  An established reviewer either writes reviews for another site or has established a site of his/her own for review purposes.  This book will be available for two weeks for review before it is published on or about June 19th, 2013!

The Shadow Fan and the Perilous Prognosis of Dr. Zorn!

Shadow Fan Barry Reese returns with Listener Feedback and two exciting reviews: “The Green Hoods” from The Shadow Magazine 8/15/38 and The Shadow Year One # 3 from Dynamite Comics! These are some truly classic stories featuring our favorite hero and both are well worth your time in tracking down!

If you love The Shadow, this is the podcast you’ve been waiting for!

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The Shadow Fan and the Wizard of Crime!

New Pulp Author Barry Reese returns for Episode 33 of The Shadow Fan’s Podcast! This time around, he reviews a 1942 novel that features the villainy of King Kauger and takes a hard look at Chris Roberson’s debut issue on the Dynamite Shadow comic (issue 13). There’s also a bit of Shadow news and some listener feedback!

If you love pulp’s greatest crimefighter, then this is the show for you!

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Reese Unlimited, an author centered imprint of Pro Se Productions, proudly announces the release of the special edition second volume collection of one of New Pulp’s best known  and loved heroes!  THE ROOK VOLUME 2 SPECIAL EDITION by multiple award winning author Barry Reese is now available in print and ebook format!

THE ROOK VOLUME 2-SPECIAL EDITION is a newly edited, newly formatted Pro Se edition of the second volume of Reese’s Rook Series.   The adventures of Max Davies, tortured masked hero and defender against evil of all kinds, continue intypical Reese two fisted, double barreled action in this collection of stories.  Continuing his battle against the supernatural, The Rook discovers more about his own tragic destiny while battling darknesses vile and ancient!   He also discovers he is not alone in his fight, teaming up with Classic Pulp heroine, The Domino Lady, and the Russian near superman Leonid Kaslov, another one of Reese’s wonderful New Pulp Heroes.
Even with companions, though, The Rook continues a solitary war, striking out at villains because he has been given no other choice!
“The Rook,” Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief and Partner in Pro Se stated, “is one of the first names people bring up when a discussion of New Pulp heroes starts.  Barry struck such a necessary chord with the creation of Max and company, combining classic Pulp sensibilities with his love for the expansiveness comic books allowed with cast and such, and adding his own very unique twist to the mix.  Pro Se is proud to be able to put its own unique touch on the early adventures of The Rook in these Special Edition collections from Reese Unlimited.”
THE ROOK VOLUME 2-SPECIAL EDITION features the six originalstories of the collection, all newly edited by David White, as well as an updated timeline of Reese’s shared universe in which he writes!  The edition also includes a stunning new cover and accompanying brand new illustrations by award winning Pulp Artist George Sellas!  With logo and cover design and print formatting by Sean Ali and ebook formatting by Russ Anderson, THE ROOK VOLUME 2-SPECIAL EDITION is the second from Pro Se in the SPECIAL EDITION series collecting the classic tales of Reese’s seminal creation!

THE ROOK VOLUME 2 – SPECIAL EDITION is now available at Amazon at http://tinyurl.com/d3ctcus, at Barnes and Noble at http://tinyurl.com/bq4ns9q and through Pro Se’s own store at http://tinyurl.com/bpmtega for $18.00.  Available via Kindle WITH INTERIOR ILLUSTRATIONS INCLUDED at http://tinyurl.com/cxxoblr and available at www.smashwords.com and via the Nook at http://tinyurl.com/bq4ns9q for $4.99!

The Shadow Fan– A Dynamite Look At The Shadow!

The Shadow Fan returns for his 31st episode! This week, New Pulp Author Barry Reese focuses on the newest from Dynamite Comics. He talks up their July 2013 solicitations, takes a hard look at Masks # 6 and then talks about the end of the Victor Gischler run in The Shadow # 12. Barry holds nothing back in talking about the disappointments that have accompanied Masks – and he wonders about the future direction of The Shadow under Chris Roberson’s control.

If you love pulp’s greatest crimefighter, then this is the podcast for you!

Listen now at http://theshadowfan.libsyn.com/a-dynamite-look-at-the-shadow