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Warner Bros. donates $$$ to Tasmanian Devil

Warner Bros. donates $$$ to Tasmanian Devil

According to the Associated Press, the Australian government says Warner Bros. will donate money to save the Tasmanian Devil from extinction.

The real animals — which don’t actually whir around in little tornados — are being wiped out by a contagious cancer that creates "grotesque facial tumors."  Since Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumour Disease (warning: photos at link) was first detected in northeast Tasmania in the mid-1990s, more than 90 percent of the devils have perished.  Scientiests estimate that within five years, there will be no disease-free population in Tasmania.  It is hoped that the uninfected animals can be moved to island sanctuaries. 

Paula Wriedt, who is Minister of State Tourism, Arts and Environment (talk about job-sharing!) said Warner Bros. will donate $1 Australian (about $0.82 American) from the sale of each DVD in a new series to be relasaed in Australia.  The University of Tasmania will handle the donations.

"This partnership will go a long way to assist in raising funds, awareness and future opportunities to ensure the survival of the Tasmanian Devil," she said.

The AP says that a spokesman for Warner Bros. did not immediately return calls for comment on Saturday. It’s a holiday weekend, people!

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Spider-Man shovels it in

Spider-Man shovels it in

Spider-Man 3 has already earned nearly $30,000,000 and it hasn’t even opened in the United States.

The blockbuster-in-making has taken in a bundle in such places as France, Italy, South Korea and Hong Kong, according to the Associated Press. You may have heard it’s opening in the States on Friday.

Then again, you may already be in line for the midnight showing.


Blades of More Box Office Gold

Blades of More Box Office Gold

For the second week in a row  Will Ferrell is the top box-office draw as Blades of Glory remained the highest-grossing picture of the holiday weekend, according to the Associated Press.  The film took in $23 million, followed by Disney’s animated Meet the Robinsons with $17 million.  Ice Cube’s Are We Done Yet was third, with $15 million.

Grindhouse, the hilarious send-up of B-movies made by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, earned $11.6 million, according to early estimates.  This is considered to be a disappointing showing, as it was expected to top the box office with grosses in the $27 million range. 

"With these two filmmakers’ pedigree and the overall cool factor that this film had going for it, you would have figured it would have done a lot more business," said Paul Dergarabedian, president of box-office tracker Media By Numbers.  However, with a three-hour-plus length, the movie could be shown only half as often as the other films.

Grindhouse played to big crowds on the East and West coasts but failed to click with audiences in the Midwest and South, Weinstein said.

With theatrical receipts, overseas sales, television and home-video revenues, Grindhouse"will turn a profit on its $53 million budget, Weinstein said. The company hoped that word of mouth from those who did see it would sustain it at theaters in coming weeks, he said.