Marketing and Promotion

It’s a crowded marketplace, with literally thousands of projects each desperately vying for attention. At ComicMix Pro Services, we’ve promoted some of the most successful titles of the last several decades. We’ve opened up new media markets for reviews, creator interviews, and news.

You can take advantage of our expertise and connections to make your project shine with our full range of marketing and promotion services. You benefit from the traditional solicitations to retailers to maximum website orientation and social communications such as Facebook and Twitter.

Advertising Buys

Does paid advertising work? The important question is, does it work for your project? And, if so, what kind of advertising is most effective and most cost-efficient? It can be less expensive than you think, and today we can narrowcast advertising choices to provide the best bang for the buck.

If it’s appropriate, we’ll help you. And if it’s not appropriate, we’ll tell you.

Marketing Services

Some publishers think all there is to a marketing campaign is a few posters and maybe some lapel pins. At ComicMix Pro Services, that is not the way we suggest you do business.

We will figure out what’s right for you from our comprehensive menu of services. Maybe you should do in-store appearances. Maybe you should be a guest at a local (or national) comics convention. Podcasts? Interviews? Review copies? Because we’re with you from the very beginning of your book, we can tailor-make a cohesive approach that best supports your project.

Promotion Campaigns

Major product launches require highly coordinated promotion campaigns that incorporate marketing, advertising, merchandising and media plans as they set up opportunities for developing licensing and product opportunities. Doing it all piecemeal wastes time, opportunity and money. ComicMixPro Services will show you how to focus on the Whole Enchilada.

Social Communications

It’s a bewildering world out there, with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, texting, blogs, and other means of social communications yet to be developed – and when it comes to the Internet, there is always a never-ending stream of new developments. It takes a great deal of time to set these promotional vehicles up and to appropriately monitor them on a daily basis. ComicMix Pro Services will show you how to do it most effectively and will aid you in the follow-through.

Websites and Online Presence

Be it on Facebook, Pinterest, an Amazon store, a webpage, links to other webpages, or, most likely, all of the above and more, you need a continuously updated online presence complete with links to your vendors and, if you so desire, to your own online store. ComicMix Pro Services will show you how to set it all up and even set it up for you and keep you online without your having to take time away from what you do best: produce mind-bending, memorable comics and graphic novels.