Editorial Services

Your project will not be taken seriously by readers, retailers or critics unless it appears professional on all levels. Editing graphic storytelling is not like editing prose, nor is it like editing gag panels or magazine illustration.  It requires a specific, well-honed set of editorial talents. We will consult with you and offer you any services in which you may be in need.

ComicMix Pro Services offers evaluation, assistance and talent in the areas of:


Editing graphic storytelling is not like editing prose, nor is it like editing gag panels or magazine illustration. It requires a specific set of editorial talents. The ComicMix Pro Services crew includes editors who have worked with Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Valiant, and a great many of the most successful independent and self-published creators. Our efforts resulted not only in best-selling titles, but also successful movie and television tie-ins.

The combination of words and pictures to tell a story is unique to the comics medium. A person who is a skilled prose editor can’t do it. A person who is a graphic designer can’t do it. The ComicMix Pro Services team can.

We’ve edited some of the best-selling and critically acclaimed titles in the history of comics, including American Flagg!, Batman, Green Arrow, Breathtaker, and The Flash.

We’ve worked with Mike Baron, Brian Bolland, John Byrne, Del Close, Howard Chaykin, Max Alan Collins, Denys Cowan, Peter David, Will Eisner, Mike Grell, David Lloyd, Dick Giordano, Dan Jurgens, Alan Moore, Peter O’Donnell, Dennis O’Neil, John Ostrander, Marshall Rogers, Steve Rude, Joe Staton, Timothy Truman, Trevor Von Eeden, Mark Wheatley, Kim Yale and many, many other top-rank talents.

We’ve put together award-winning teams for titles including The Question, GrimJack, Legends, Viking Prince, Warp, Star Trek, Black Canary, and Batman. We pioneered Shatter, the very first comic book entirely produced on computer.

The best editing brings out the best in you and your project. And that’s why we’re here.


You can be a terrific writer of prose and you can have fantastic ideas… but that’s not enough. Not by half. Comics writing is visual storytelling, and you have to write visually.

Writing a script for a graphic story is a bit like writing a screenplay, but not exactly. It’s sort of like writing a play, but not exactly. It’s like a lot of things, but it is only precisely like writing a script for a graphic story. We will help you bring your story to the page in the best way for an artist to bring your ideas to life.


Graphic storytelling has only one challenge: to tell a story. The artist controls the visual storytelling. The artist must not only be able to draw pretty pictures, but must also serve as the cinematographer and continuity director. The artist must be able to convey emotion and action on a flat, unmoving surface and make the scene leap off the page. We not only help you to sharpen your skills, but we will find the writers and stories best suited to your talents.

Character & Concept Development

Everybody comes up with characters. Few create memorable characters and concepts so unique people talk about them for decades on end. We will help you take your characters and concepts up to the next level, show you how to polish them so that they shine, and help you put pride in your creator credit.


Letterers are a superstitious, cowardly lot, knowing they might be attacked by a lunatic midget at any moment. What, again? Nothing stops the reader’s eye faster than amateurish lettering. The readability and artistic design of the words is as important to the script as a first-rate inker is to the art. Computer lettering requires the skill and artistic sense of a designer and production expert, and we’ve got the people to deliver for you and your project.


You can only communicate by using a common language, and there are commonly accepted ways of doing this that go well beyond the intent of your spellchecker. We bring a fresh set of eyes to your project and help refine and polish your work before you begin the publishing process. We will review your comic and give you suggested corrections for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and most of all, consistency.

Logo, Cover, & Book Design

We’ll produce custom-designed work that incorporates your ideas so your book reflects your original inspiration and vision while attracting attention on the bookstore shelves.