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‘White Viper’ Starts June 3 on ComicMix!

‘White Viper’ Starts June 3 on ComicMix!

 A baby, abandoned.  Surrounded by dead bodies, she is found by a poor monk.  He takes her back to his home for safety, and the company of his brother monks.

Happily ever after?  Think again.

In White Viper, the new series written by Erin Holroyd, with art by the legendary Dick Giordano and Frank McLaughlin, nothing — and no one — is what it seems.  There is blood and death in the countryside, but at the same time, there is love.   A holy man can teach you how to kill.

And sometimes, no one can be trusted.  And sometimes, you must trust a stranger with your very life.

Frank McLaughlin, providing inks and story, said, "I’ve been working in comics for more than 40 years, and this is the story I’ve always wanted to tell.  It’s a joy to work with my old friend, the great storyteller Dick Giordano.  Inking his work was one of my first jobs, and it’s great to be collaborating on something that means so much to both of us.  We’re very excited that Erin has taken some time off from the Stratford Bard to work with us."

ComicMix Editor-in-Chief Mike Gold said, "I’ve known Dick and Frank since I worked at DC Comics, and I’m delighted to be working with them both again.  This series is the best work they’ve ever done."

White Viper runs every Tuesday on ComicMIx, free and in full color.

New at ComicMix: Comic Reader Updates and More!

New at ComicMix: Comic Reader Updates and More!

If you’re a faithful reader of ComicMix (and we hope you are), you may have noticed that we didn’t post the new episode of Simone & Ajax: The Case of the Maltese Duck. It’s not because anything bad happened to our favorite dinosaur and his cute friend Simone. We’re giving Andrew and Jason a bit of a breather.

However, we have just installed some new bells and whistles to the site that will make it more fun for you to use.

You know how they made a hit television show out of the premise that you want to go to a place where everybody knows your name? Well, ComicMix now remembers how you like to read your comics. When you set a preference for single pages or double-page spreads or for a certain degree of magnification, that’s how the settings will stay, until you choose to change them again. And you can bookmark individual pages – if you want to check out page 3 of Simone & Ajax: The Case of the Maltese Duck, you can now do so directly.

You say you want more? Well, coming up in the near future we’ve got a couple of massive additions to our site – a world of entirely new features – and we’ll be bringing back Munden’s Bar and Black Ice, as well as starting up Giordano/McLaughlin/Holroyd’s White Viper and Trevor Von Eeden’s The Original Johnson. Plus new outings from John Ostrander and Ian Gibson and Joanna Estep… and more. A whole LOT more.

Stay tuned.