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Tweeks: ABC’s New Musical Mini Galavant & Marvel’s Agent Carter

tumblr_n5ayj43UhU1r4bvu5o1_1399631441_coverThough we still haven’t forgiven ABC for canceling Selfie, we are very encouraged by the shows filling in for Once Upon A Time (8pm, Sundays) and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (9pm, Tuesdays) during their winter breaks.  This week we review Galavant, a comedy/musical fairytale series that reminds us a lot of Monty Python’s Spamalot and talk about how super cool it is for Marvel’s Agent Carter to be about a female hero.  And of course, Maddy goes on a rant about there not being a Black Widow movie —- because come on, all the boy superheroes seem to need special powers, but girls like Peggy Carter and Natasha Romanoff are just as awesome without them!

The Point Radio: Jason Schwartzman Revives MOZART

We jump back into pop culture by wrapping up our visit with Janet Varney including her cut on what makes her JV CLUB Podcast so unique. They we talk with Jason Schwartzman about his newest project, MOZART IN THE JUNGLE, streaming right now on Amazon Prime.

This week kicks off our 8th year – and we are back to our twice-a-week schedule in a few days. We start by talking AGENT CARTER with Hayley Atwell and a visit to the set of THE LIBRARIANS!

Dr. Demento documentary usurped from producers

smogberry“Under the Smogberry Trees”, the interview documentary about Barry Hansen, AKA Dr. Demento, has undergone a radical change in source and producer. Mr. Hansen’s representatives have reportedly seized control of the production from its creators, Meep Morp Studio, after a protracted series of legal saber-rattling and suspect behavior.

First started as a Kickstarter campaign in 2013, the project met its goals and the film had originally been planned for release this last August. But supporters of the film’s campaign received an email over the weekend from the studio reporting that Mr. Hansen and his company was now in control of the production, and would be responsible for the balance of all rewards, including the film itself.