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Meet The Panthans

Cover Art: Mark Wheatley

Cover Art: Matt Wagner
Cover Art: Neil Vokes
The National Capital Panthans, founded in September 1996, are the Washington D.C., Baltimore, Annapolis and Northern Virginia area Chapter of the Burroughs Bibliophiles. Meetings are generally held on the firs…t Sunday of the month and are hosted by various members in their homes.

There are approximately 50 members from around the United States and one each from England, Canada and Germany. The Panthans hosted the 1998 Burroughs Bibliophiles Dum-Dum, the 1999 and 2003 ECOF Gatherings, and will again host the 2006 ECOF in Rockville, MD. Generally so many members go to ERB fan conventions hosted by others that the Panthans can be counted on to assist with registration. The Panthans have published a book, entitled “ERB – The Second Century,” which includes fan-produced fiction, scholarly deductions and many great illustrations!

To become a member and receive a monthly newsletter informing you about Panthans activities send your annual subscription fee of US $15.00 to:

John Tyner, Treasurer
5911 Halpine Road
Rockville, Maryland 20851-2410

For further information check their Web site at: www.taliesan.com/panthans/cover.htm

Ovie Mughelli To Make Comics

Ovie Mughelli To Make Comics

FLOWERY BRANCH, GA - CIRCA 2010: In this hando...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Ovie Mughelli knows how to keep busy during the NFL Players Strike.

The Pro Bowl fullback for the Atlanta Falcons, will be announcing his own comics property in the coming weeks. The project is being developed in conjunction with writer Clifford Meth (Snaked from IDW) and artist Michael Netzer (Batman, Superboy, Web of Spider-Man). Mughelli, who had a breakout 2010 Pro Bowl season, signed a six-year, $18 million contract with a $5 million signing bonus in 2007 with the Falcons, the largest contract given to a fullback in NFL history at the time.

I suspect a lot of comics stores will be carrying his book– after all, do you want to tell this guy no?

The Point NYCC Update: RIESE THE SERIES Moves To SyFy

The Point NYCC Update: RIESE THE SERIES Moves To SyFy

Fans who have followed the web series RIESE are excited about the news that SyFy.com will soon be carrying the new home of the episodes. Creators, producers and stars of RIESE sat down with us at New York ComicCon to talk about how the original episodes would be re-edited with new material for the debut on SyFy (later this month) and that hope was strong that RIESE might actually graduate to the network itself in 2011. One of the most exciting additions to the cast is ALLISON MACK, who is playing a much different role that that of Chloe Sullivan from SMALLVILLE. Press Play below to hear Allison’s reason for jumping into the web series with both feet:


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‘Spider-Man’ caught by Australians

‘Spider-Man’ caught by Australians

Dateline: Sydney! It seems a fickle Frenchman, nicknamed “Spider-Man” was nabbed by Aussie Police after he scaled a 57-story building in Sydney, with his bare hands! Alain “So not Peter Parker” Robert is a noted building climber… having scaled over 70 buildings, (as only a spider can.) including the 41-story Royal Bank of Scotland building in Sydney, The Sears Willis (ugh) Tower in Chicago, and the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lampur.

It seems this Spider-Man has had plenty of run-ins with the law, having paid a whopping $676 dollar fine once before to the Aussie Feds for his previous scaling of the aforementioned Royal Bank, as well as numerous arrests for his previous climbs. “I’m sad he’s been arrested, but hopefully he’ll get out soon and we can have some champagne,” said his agent, Max Markson. We can only assume Robert and Markson’s next scaling may be away from the land-down-under. We suggest Chicago’s Trump Tower next. Why? Cause the Donald loves publicity stunts, and his half-filled building needs a little TLC from the media.

We stopped the editor of the Daily Bugle, one J. Jonah Jameson, who had this to say: “If we only knew the identity of our own city’s wall-crawler we could fine him too for all the buildings he’s scaled. I talked to our attorney, Matt Murdock, and he’s certain that if that French kid gets arresting for just climbing a building, our web-spinning, car-flipping, joke-spewing ‘Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man’ would get an instant ‘Go to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200’ card! And we’ll figure out WHO the web-crawler is too… All we need is one more day.”

Kudos to Yahoo! for this one.

Web Comics Auction To Benefit The Gulf Of Mexico

Web Comics Auction To Benefit The Gulf Of Mexico

When the world is in trouble, leave it to us nerd to give up some hard earned cash for cool causes. With the gulf coast being drenched in more oil than it takes to straighten Harry Osbourne’s coif… Venture Bros. color-stylist Carly Monardo made a call to action for web cartoonists to donate original art to be auctioned off on eBay, with 100% of the profits going to the Colbert Nation Gulf of America Fund.

The first auctions went live on Monday, July 5th, with new 5 or more artists being added each day. Response has been extremely positive and fans seem enthusiastic to bid on their favorite creators’ work. The final set of auctions will launch tomorrow, July 9th (Friday). Each individual auction lasts for a total of 10 days.

Monardo was inspired to organize the event after seeing how successful her colleague Thomas Bayne’s animation auction had been. Bayne’s auction (which has already raised thousands of dollars for the Gulf Of America Fund) featured original production drawings from Venture Bros., many signed by creator Jackson Public and members of the show’s cast.

The Web-Comics Auction has attracted talents from around the world, including fan-favorites Kate Beaton (“Hark! A Vagrant“), Anthony Clark (“Nedroid“), Christopher Hastings (“The Adventures Of Dr. McNinja“), and Michael “Mookie” Terracciano (“Dominic Deegan: Oracle For Hire“). There are even contributions from non-cartoonists, such as Brandon Bird, who was recently profiled in Newsweek for his bizarre celebrity portraits.

The official web-site for the auction has a full list of contributors, a schedule with links to each live auction, and links to additional information on the charitable fund the profits will be donated to. It is located at http://www.lasagnachildren.com/Gulf.

Jonah Hex Trailer Debuts on the Web

Jonah Hex Trailer Debuts on the Web

Debuting on the interwebs just a few days ago (in case ya’ didn’t catch it, partner), the trailer for DC’s western wild-man, Jonah Hex, made it’s dusty digital debut. And dag-nabbit, if it ain’t a big ole pile of predictable horse puckey! After you give that link a lil’ ole’ click and watch the trailer for yourself, maybe you bounce right back here for our analysis of why it done got our britches in a bind!

First off, let’s just git this outta the way. Castin’ John Malkovich as yer’ villain these days is as inspired a choice as castin’ Matthew McConaughey in a romantic comedy. I mean, does Malkovich even get a script for pictures like this anymore, or does the director yell action, and just let him do that whole slow-quiet-evil-talking thing he does in every other movie he’s in?

Past that, how about we talk about Mr. Hex himself. Now I admit, I ain’t no historian of western tales from the funny pages, but a quick call to my friend (comic book historian) Alan Kistler proved my theory right. In his illustrious history as a comic book anti-hero, Mr. Hex ain’t never had no “bring-people-back-from-the-dead-for-a-short-period-of-time” power. And you think the folks on this movie could afford a little better makeup job for the ole’ scarface? I mean, the Dark Knight sure did a convincing job with Mr. Harvey Two-Face’s scars… and here? Jonah done look like they painted up a red vine flesh colored and glued it to Josh Brolin’s face… after letting him suffer from some major acne issues.

I seem to recall another movie that loved to play fast and loose with old west technology too. Anyone else recall that gem of a picture, Wild Wild West? Well it seems the fine folks behind Jonah Hex raided the prop closet from that nightmare, dusted it off, and are attempting to pass it off again. A dynamite launching crossbow pistol? Really? I might have been fine with the pair of gatling guns on Jonah’s horse. But where does he get all these wonderful toys? it seems Jonah’s befriended a well-to-do black man with a closet full of steam punk goodies! Perhaps Morgan Freeman wasn’t available?

Next up on the ole’ gripe list. Megan Fox. Now, I know, if a film has to suck (Transformers, I’m looking at you) the least the producers can do is toss in a little eye candy to ease the pain. And given Josh Brolin’s face in this picture, well, they coulda’ used some special effects to clone Megan a sister. But only if she was mute, cause dog-gonnit… everytime she opens her mouth to deliver a line, it saps the lightning outta my loins faster than a picture of Bea Arthur. I’m not saying Megan’s a bad actress… I’m saying she’s a terrible actress. And based solely on the trailer, I can tell she already talks to much. Where’s Megatron when you need him!?

And finally, let’s just touch quickly on the movie poster itself. Now, given my personal preference for movable type, I have to say, their choice for fonts are as ugly as my sorry ass after a night of drinking. If the bevel gets any bigger on the word HEX you might as well sell 3D glasses to the movie goers. And what in God’s good name is John Malovich holding in his hand? A dragonball? I’m all for purty special effects people, but seriously, why would Jonah be firing his pistol crossbow and hip mounted mini-gun? Malkovich is behind him! Seriously folks… this trailer has done got me in a tizzy, and I apologize for ranting and a’ railing all over this blog today. I think I’ma’ gonna’ take in the ole’ Iron Man 2 trailer now, just to settle my frazzled nerves.

This. Is. Awesome!

This. Is. Awesome!

And what’s really cool about it? You can’t see it, but he’s also wearing web-shooters and a Legion Flight Ring.

Hat tip: Retcon Punch.

Newsarama sold to TopTenReviews

Newsarama sold to TopTenReviews

Here we go again.

Newsarama, the long-running comics news site, has been purchased by
TopTenReviews, a content aggregation site out of Ogden, Utah, it was announced today. The site, along with Space.com, and LiveScience, were sold by Imaginova, a web publisher which purchased Newsarama in 2007.

Although Imaginova purchased Newsarama with an eye to beefing up
their consumer offerings, improvements seemed hard to come by,
with complaints from readers and their own bloggers about formats and technological issues along the
way. The bumpy fit was at least partially responsible for the original Blog@Newsarama team jumping ship to reform as Robot6 at CBR, which seems to have taken the lead in readership in that time.

The move will probably increase TopTenReviews pages served by about 15-20%.

What could make life interesting is TopTenReviews review contributor system. One wonders if it’ll be applied to Newsarama, and if so, what new voices will be heard.