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Big News From San Diego

Big News From San Diego

A few news items of note from the various panels and such at the San Diego Comic-Con:

•    Marv Wolfman and George Pérez will be reunited to do Teen Titans issue #50.

•    Warren Ellis will be taking over for Joss Whedon on Astonishing X-Men next year. The title will change to Astonishing X-men: Second Stage.

•    And per some confused mumbling of Dan DiDio at a panel on Thursday: there is a new All Star Squadron project in the works. However, it will not be tales of WWII, because as Mike Carlin summed up: “Um, Hitler lost.”

In movie/teevee news, the DVD Sneak Peek panel offered up some details on upcoming DVD packages but started off with Javier Soto describing next year’s Hellboy 2: The Golden Army as “Hellboy plus Pan’s Labyrinth on steroids.”

It seemed that the opinion of the panelists was that there isn’t much new left to do in the world of special features and they are all working finding a way to provide content on DVDs that goes beyond deleted scenes. And rather want to bring audiences a more than what they got in the theater (or on TV) in the feature.

With The 4400 Season 4 DVD, we’ll also be getting the season finale director’s cut.

Twin Peaks: The Definitive Collection (out October 30th) will have both pilots, the complete series, “tons of extras including deleted scenes” and a new documentary featuring interviews with the cast today in a roundtable discussion with David Lynch. In the clip that was shared with Comic-Con attendees, Lynch came off more than a little creepy-old-man-ish when discussing a kissing scene with actress Madchen Amick, Kyle MacLachlan mutely sitting to her right all the while.

The biggest treat of the panel was learning about what will be in the box for December 18th Blade Runner: The Final Cut.  The 5-disc box set will have five versions of the film:

•    The new cut Final Cut version, which includes a CGI correction of the scene where Zhora goes through the plate glass, Joanna Cassidy came back and refilmed for it.

•    The international cut, which was described as "with extra violence."

•    The Original 1982 version

•    The 1992 Director’s Cut

•    Work print

All will feature 16 x 9 aspect ratio and 5:1 audio.

Also in the set is the all new three and a half-hour long documentary “Dangerous Days.” And, yes, they got Harrison Ford to do it.

There will be a theatrical release of The Final Cut version in October in New York and Los Angeles, which might put something or other in contention for 2007 Oscars. Maybe.

Chiller debuts

Chiller debuts

Chiller, a new cable TV channel from NBC Universal, launched today. It offers horror and thriller programming like Twin Peaks, Tales From the Crypt, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Night Gallery, American Gothic, Friday the 13th: The Series and other shows that never really fit on the Sci-Fi Channel. It also, as you would expect, be running movies in the same, uh, vein — Psycho, The Haunting, Showgirls, the usual.

But here’s the fun part. Earlier today, here’s what their website said tonight’s schedule was:

The Shinning? Och! The wee lad who’s been coding the website’s seen the Treehouse of Horror one taa many times! (Sadly, it’s been fixed now. Very hard to be chilling when people are laughing, I guess.)

Chiller is airing on Direct TV, channel 257; otherwise, complain to Dish TV or your local cable provider.