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AMAZING STORIES are just one click away!

Amazing Stories, the world’s first science fiction magazine, opens for Beta Testing of Phase 1 on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013.

Fifty+ Bloggers Sign On to provide oodles of genre-related content!

The Experimenter Publishing Company is pleased to announce the reintroduction of the world’s most recognizable science fiction magazine – AMAZING STORIES!

Set to relaunch with a Beta Test of its new Social Magazine Platform, Amazing Stories will feature content from 50+ bloggers, covering an enormous array of subjects of interest to genre fans.

“We’ve got authors and agents, bloggers and editors, podcasters and broadcasters; we’ve got gamers and game designers; artists and art collectors; pulpsters and indie authors; we’ve got Hugo winners, John W. Campbell Memorial Award winners, John W. Campbell Best New Writer winners, Nebula and Hugo Award nominees and winners and nominees of other awards; people who review films, people who make films; we’ve got fanboys and fangirls; we’ve got former editors of Amazing Stories, writers who’ve become synonymous with the field and writers who are just getting started; comic artists, book reviewers; traditionally published authors, self-pubbed authors and authors who’ve done it all. The response to my request for participation was phenomenal – it couldn’t be more perfect if I had set out with a list of must-haves!” said Steve Davidson, publisher. 

Amazing Stories’ Social Magazine platform is designed to create an interactive environment that will be familiar to fans – especially those who attend conventions or enjoy club activities – with blog content designed to encourage discussion and take things beyond the usual user-generated content model for social networks.

The Amazing Stories Blog Team will cover (for now – more coming!) fourteen popular topics – Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Literature, Film, Television, Gaming, Comics and Graphic Works, the Visual Arts, the Pulps, Audio Works, Anime, the Business of Publishing, Science and Fandom itself. 

At this year’s Worldcon (Chicon 7, Chicago), Toastmaster John Scalzi offered up these words during the convention’s opening ceremonies:

…who are we as a community?

This year at least, we are bloody fantasy, we are epic-scale space opera, we are an intimate picture of growing up geeky, we are ready to take on the zombie apocalypse.
We speak in alien tongues, we are super heroes and we are on the spectrum.
We cry like children and we cradle our awards.
We sing, we write, we draw, we edit. We talk on every subject science fictional or fantastical.
We’re men and we’re women. We’re gay and straight. Cis gender and trans. Majority and minority. Left and right. First time nominees and old hands.
We are diverse – and we are all in this together. 

“We are diverse – and we are all in this together”, a sentiment that captures the heart and soul of what it means to be a fan. Amazing Stories aims to be the vehicle through which the diversity of fandom can come together. 

Amazing Stories’ relaunch will take place in two phases. Those interested in participating in the Beta Test of Phase 1 should contact the publisher atsteve.davidson33@comcast.net. Phase 2 will introduce additional interactivity and user-customization to the site. Following the completion and testing of Phase 2, the magazine, featuring both new and reprint fiction, essays, photo galleries, reviews and more will begin publication. Readers who are interested in what the magazine will look like can read two Relaunch Prelaunch issues on line, or download them from the Amazing Stories store. (Additional Amazing Stories themed product is also available here.)

The Amazing Stories Blog Team:

Cenobyte, Mike Brotherton, Ricky L. Brown, Michael A Burstein, 

Catherine Coker, Johne Cook, Paul Cook, Gary Dalkin, Jane Frank, 

Jim Freund, Adam Gaffen, Chris Garcia, Chris Gerwel, Tommy Hancock,

Liz Henderson, Samantha Henry, M. D. Jackson, Monique Jacob, 

Geoffrey James, J. J. Jones, Peggy Kolm, Justin Landon, Andrew Liptak, 

Melissa Lowery, Barry Malzberg, C. E. Martin, Farrell J. McGovern, 

Steve Miller, Matt Mitrovich, Aidan Moher, Diane Severson Mori, 

Kevin Murray, Ken Neth, Astrid Nielsch, D. Nicklin-Dunbar, John 

Purcell, James Rogers, Doug Smith, Lesley Smith, Bill Spangler, 

Duane Spurlock, Michael J. Sullivan, G. W. Thomas, Erin Underwood, 

Stephan Van Velzen, Cynthia Ward, Michael Webb, Keith West, 

John M. Whalen, Ann Wilkes, Leah Zeldez

Originally launched in 1926 by the father of science fiction, Hugo Gernsback, Amazing Stories helped to launch both the science fiction genre and its most enduring feature, science fiction fandom. The magazine is well known for its Frank R. Paul covers and for publishing the first stories by many iconic authors such as Isaac Asimov, Jack Williamson and Ursula Le Guin. Published continuously from 1926 until 1995, followed by two brief resurrections from 1998 till 2000 and from 2004 thru 2005. In 2008 Hasbro, the then current owner, allowed its trademarks to lapse and publisher Steve Davidson applied for and eventually received them in 2011.

For additional information, to find out how to join the Amazing Stories Blog Team or to request an invite to the Beta Test of Phase 1, please email the publisher, Steve Davidson.

Gilbreath Announced as EMCEE OF PULP ARK 2013!

Pulp Ark 2013 is proud to announce that noted Author, Publisher, Actor and modern Renaissance man in general Allan Gilbreath will be Master of Ceremonies for the the third annual Pulp Convention and Creator’s Conference April 26-28, 2013 in Springdale, Arkansas.

Although he denies being raised by wolves, Allan Gilbreath still enjoys quiet moonlit evenings. He is an accomplished skeptic, cook, gardener, computer geek, martial artist, and avid student of arcane knowledge. Allan is also a nationally recognized and award-winning author, publisher, speaker, and instructor. He has appeared on television, stage, radio, web/podcast, and tours the country in live appearances. He enjoys serving on convention panels and can cover a wide range of topics from the serious to the outrageous. In his adult vampire novels, Galen and Dark Chances, he links sensual fantasy with danger and predation to excellent effect. His exceptional use of plot tension between the various characters sets a wonderful stage for the little details that bring it all to life. Allan’s Jack Lago supernatural mysteries are known for their attention to detail and suspense. His short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies and his collection, Allan Gilbreath: A Short Story Collection.

“Pulp Fiction,” Tommy Hancock, Founder and Organizer of Pulp Ark said, “began as a medium, a means by which stories were told.  It has since grown far beyond that and can be considered a style, a methodology, some would even say a field or something else. Even in its heyday, though, as now, one thing could definitely be said about Pulp.  It covered many areas and appealed to all sorts of people.  For that reason, Allan Gilbreath is the ideal creator to lead this year’s Convention and Creator’s Conference.   Not only does he have multiple skills and talents, Allan is the type who enjoys all aspects of conventions, who walks through multiple genres like most people walk down the street-with ease and comfort.  He knows what it takes to make fans and guests alike feel like a show is more than that, that it’s an event.  And best of all, the biggest fan at a convention Allan is at is Allan.”

Concerning acting as Master of Ceremonies, Gilbreath said, “The genre known as Pulp Fiction hold a dear place in most people’s hearts. Chances are that a “Pulp” style book was one the first books that you read just for fun and then had to read more. I am very excited to acting as the emcee for Pulp Ark 2013. I can’t wait to entertain and introduce the public to the new and growing world of Pulp Fiction. This convention will offer everyone a chance to come out and meet some of the actors, writers, and other celebrities from the Pulp Fiction world on a personal level. We will be available to sign autographs and answer questions. I hope to see lots of old and new fans at Pulp Ark 2013.”

Pulp Ark 2013 will be held in Springdale, Arkansas April 26-28, 2013 at 
the Holiday Inn Springdale Hotel and Convention Center in 
Springdale, Arkansas, 1500 South 48th Street, 
phone number- 1-479-751-8300.  For a peek at the venue, click below!

SPECIAL PRICES UNTIL JANUARY 1ST, 2013!  Any and all who
plan to attend Pulp Ark 2013 and want to get the Discounted Room Rate 
MUST reserve a room or rooms by January 1st, 2013 to take advantage 
of the Special Pulp Ark rate of $84.00 a night.  To reserve your room 
online, please click HERE!  

Check www.pulpark.blogspot.com DAILY for more information, announcements,
and guest and vendor registration for PULP ARK 2013!


Cover Art: George Sellas

Pro Se Productions has released the cover art by George Sellas for their upcoming release, Gravedigger. Written by New Pulp Author, Barry Reese, look for Gravedigger from Pro Se in 2013!

Plus, take a peek at this illustration of Gravedigger villain, Thanatos by artist Will Meugniot.

Art: Will Meugniot

Learn more about Gravedigger and Thanatos here.


Two Companies known for independent creations and innovative storytelling in two different media combine their ideas and creators together for one fantastic series of books!  Pro Se Productions, a leader in New Pulp and Action/Adventure Fiction, and Heroic Publishing, a force in independent comics since the mid-1980s, have announced that beginning in 2013, new adventures as well as adaptations of past comic books featuring Heroic flagship characters Liberty Girl, Flare, and Eternity Smith will be written and published by Pro Se!
Tommy Hancock, Partner and Editor in Chief of Pro Se stated, “Pro Se is always interested in crafting new tales of concepts that deserve them and the universe that Heroic Publishing has created more than qualifies.   Eternity Smith is a character that has always occupied a space in my comic collection, and one of those that I’ve always wanted to take a crack at writing.   Thanks to the effort of Pro Se Submissions Editor Barry Reese and the man behind Heroic, Dennis Mallonee, that dream is coming true.   Not only with Eternity Smith, but with two stellar heroines from Heroic:-Flare and the Liberty Girl!”
Liberty Girl, a World War II heroine ripped from her glory days and rocketed forward in time to today, where she’s needed more than ever!   Flare, fashion model and brightly shining super heroine!  Eternity Smith, time-tossed scientific genius fighting against a future full of horror!  These legendary characters from Heroic will be featured in prose novels and anthologies, both adapting past comic work into prose as well as new stories, written by some of today’s newest and best talents in New Pulp!
“Some writers,” Hancock said, “have already been attached to specific projects.  Others have been approached.  There will also be opportunities for open calls as well, to bring in writers who have an interest in these characters.   And after the first year, there exists the possibility of bringing even more Heroic characters into HEROIC PROSE!, the Pro Se/Heroic line , such as the Champions and other popular characters.”
The first Heroic Prose book is scheduled for early 2013, an adaptation of the first Liberty Girl comic book by noted author Barry Reese.  Hancock will be helming an adaptation of as well as new tales of Eternity Smith.  Other titles will be announced as they become reality for 2013 and beyond.

Pro Se Productions-www.prosepulp.com

Heroic Publishing- www.heroicmultiverse.com


New Pulp Jack of All Trades, Tommy Hancock stopped by episode 138 of the Earth Station One podcast to discuss the new Nightbeat: Night Stories anthology from Radio Archives along with ESO co-host (and Nightbeat contributor) Bobby Nash.

About Earth Station One Episode 138:
The conclusion to the ESO crew’s journey through The Lord of The Rings epic! Mike Faber, Mike Gordon, Bobby Nash, Jessa Phillips, and special guest Josh Reed review The Return of King and Josh faces something worse than the Eye of Sauron – The Geek Seat! We also review the recent episode of The Walking Dead and chat with Tommy Hancock about the new collection of stories based on the classic radio series Nightbeat. All this, plus the usual Rants, Raves, Khan Report, and Shout Outs!

Join us for yet another episode of The Earth Station One Podcast we like to call: The Lord of the Rings Finally Arrives at Mount Doom at www.esopodcast.com.
Direct link: http://erthstationone.wordpress.com/2012/11/21/earth-station-one-episode-138-the-lord-of-the-rings-finally-arrives-at-mount-doom/


In a very special episode, Tommy Hancock invites four writers- Paul Bishop, Bobby Nash, Mark Squirek and Will Murray- who participated in a very special project with Hancock as a fellow writer and editor- the first originally produced audiobook and ebook from Pulp leader Radio Archives- NIGHTBEAT: NIGHT STORIES!  Based on the classic 1950s radio show, this collection follows Reporter Randy Stone on brand new adventures penned by modern writers.  Also in this special episode, Tommy interviews noted actor Michael C. Gwynne, the voice of the NIGHTBEAT: NIGHT STORIES audiobook!  Join Tommy and this exceptional crew of creators as they talk Old Time Radio, modern takes on classic tales, and more as NIGHTBEAT: NIGHT STORIES gets PULPED!


New Pulp writers David Wood, Tommy Hancock, and Bobby Nash, along with award-winning artist Mark Maddox visit the latest episode of the Earth Station One podcast.

About Earth Station One episode 137:
The name’s One… Earth Station One.

The ESO crew went to the movies this weekend to see the newest chapter in the James Bond franchise. Mike Faber, Mike Gordon, Bobby Nash, and award-winning artist Mark Maddox review Skyfall for your ears only! Also, writer David Wood is featured in The Geek Seat, Tommy Hancock gives us a Khan report on the Memphis Comic & Fantasy Convention, and Michael Day promotes his new event that boldly goes where no fan has gone before – Farragut Fest! ESO also take a look at The Science Channel’s Browncoat’s Unite Firefly reunion. All this plus the usual Rants, Raves, and Shout Outs! It’s another action-packed episode of Earth Station One.

Listen now at www.esopodcast.com.

Pro Se Productions, a cutting edge Publisher of Heroic Fiction and New Pulp, is proud to announce the perfect jumping-on point for fans of adventure – The Rook Volume One Special Edition!


Created by author Barry Reese, The Rook has become one of the most famous New Pulp heroes. Originally published by Wild Cat Books, The Rook joined Pro Se prior to the release of Volume Six. Now Pro Se begins the process of bringing books 1-5 back into print.

“I’m thrilled,” said Reese, “to have The Rook Volume One back in print. This is the book that kicks off the entire series and is really the beginning of my greater interconnected pulp universe. The work that was done on the book has left it significantly improved – the editing is much tighter now, Sean Ali knocked it out of the park on the design aspect and George Sellas brought out the big guns with his artwork. Max Davies has been living with me for nearly a decade now.. and he’s never looked better!”

“It’s our honor,” stated Tommy Hancock, Partner in and Editor in Chief of Pro Se, “to not only have Barry as a major part of our lineup, but also to have the opportunity to really put our brand on the whole Rook franchise from the start.  This volume is the first of making sure that The Rook’s entire written history has a classic, uniform look.  One that will be a great literary and visual addition to any bookshelf.”

With a beautiful new cover and four interior pieces by George Sellas, The Rook Volume One Special Edition has been completely re-edited and gorgeously packaged by Pro Se designer Sean Ali.

THE ROOK VOLUME ONE SPECIAL EDITION is available at Pro Se’s Createspace store by clicking HERE.

Get your copy from Amazon by clicking HERE.


Pulp Ark 2013, the official New Pulp Creators’ Conference and Convention, created and sponsored by Pro Se Productions, a Publisher of Heroic Fiction, tales of multiple genres, and New Pulp, announced today one of its many fantastic guests already making plans to attend the third annual event in its new location, Springdale, Arkansas, April 26-28th!

“It’s a big year for us,” Tommy Hancock, Founder and Organizer of Pulp Ark stated.  “We’re moving, expanding, bringing in old friends and new favorites, so we want any and all news we have to go out as often as it can, to keep Pulp Ark in the forefront of everyone’s mind.  And this guest is definitely news.”

Crime fiction and New Pulp writer Gary Phillips has written short stories for Moonstone’s Kolchak: The Night Stalker Casebook, the Avenger Chronicles and the Green Hornet Casefiles.  His most current novel is Warlord of Willow Ridgewhich Booklist said of the work, “Phillips is a veteran crime novelist who creates a plausible postapocalyptic scenario in which the safety of middle-class America can dissolve in a moment. Exciting, violent, and entertaining.”  He has also written essays for the Robert B. Parker tribute book, In Pursuit of Spenser and for The Wire: Race, Class, and Genre, as well is the creator behind the popular detective character Nate Hollis, first seen at Vertigo and most recently in the Moonstone collection Angeltown.  Currently with Tommy Hancock and Pro Se Press, Philips is co-editing and contributing to Black Pulp, pulp stories featuring black main characters, and editing and contributing to a themed linked anthology of short stories, Night of the Insurgents, showcasing America’s super spy before Bauer and Bourne, Jimmy Christopher, Operator 5, for Moonstone. 

Phillips will be a guest at Pulp Ark 2013, participating in Panels as well as visiting with fans, interacting with other creators, and finding all the action there is to be had at Pulp Ark 2013!

For more information on Pulp Ark 2013, go to http://www.pulpmachine.blogspot.com/p/pulp-ark.html ! Stay tuned to that page for early registration, guest and vendor applications, and more!


TIPPIN’ HANCOCK’S HAT- Reviews of All Things Pulp by Tommy Hancock

by Stephen Jared
Solstice Publishing
303 Pages

It isn’t very often that an author comes along who simultaneously truly evokes the style and temperament of classic Pulp while adding modern sensibilities and more sophisticated phrases and tricks to the package.    We all strive for it and some of us have moments of it, but very rarely does a writer show up that does it well, consistently, and every time he puts his name on a book.

Meet Stephen Jared.

Author of TEN-A-WEEK-STEALE, Jared is a creator of all sorts.  He’s a writer of course, but he’s also done a bit of time in front of television and film cameras.   He has a love affair with acting and moreso with Hollywood, not Hollywood Today, but Hollywood bygone.   The time when people dreamed in black and white and movie moguls captured those fantasies on celluloid.  And Jared’s not just a devotee of the films of Hollywood.  He’s very much a historian of sorts, fiction being his tool to ferret into fact.  In his work he shows you the hubris, the horror, and the humanity that made Classic Hollywood both the Heaven and Babylon it truly was.

Stephen’s first book, JACK AND THE JUNGLE LION, took a look at the fantasy and fallacy of the classic Matinee idol.  TEN-A-WEEK STEALE pulls the curtain even farther back on the reality behind Hollywood by inserting a no nonsense lead character into the fray.  Walter Steale, a World War 1 Veteran, works as muscle for his brother, a politician with great aspirations and appetites, in the Los Angeles of the 1920s.   Almost by accident while handling what should be a small job for his brother, Steale stumbles into a tangle of murder, conspiracy, politics, and corpses as he goes from being hired help to Most Wanted by both sides of the law.

TEN-A-WEEK STEALE has been lauded as being a fantastic work in the tradition of the old Pulp/Noir masters and it is indeed that, but it is something else entirely.  Jared infuses every single word of this book not only with the past, but with the anxiety, the falsity, the need for truth of today.  Steale isn’t just a lost soul of the Great War, he’s an everyman pulled by no fault of his own really into situations that are far beyond him.   And, unlike many such types today, Steale doesn’t blend in, fade away, or go with the flow.  He comes out fighting, shooting, punching to maintain something that many today feel they’ve lost.   Being his own man.

If you enjoy great noir, this is the book for you.  If you thirst for a novel that balances Past and Present, go get TEN-A-WEEK STEALE by Stephen Jared.

FIVE OUT OF FIVE TIPS OF HANCOCK’S HAT-  The best of the best here, kid.